Academic Advising

Whether you are a current or a prospective student, faculty and staff in the College of Education are available to assist you. Select the program(s) you are pursuing from the options below for next steps.


If you are an undergraduate student exploring or attending the Corvallis campus, start by attending a Pre-Education Orientation Session or meeting with a peer advisor. For questions about other teaching programs in the College of Education, connect with the appropriate advisor using the information below.

Prospective and General Pre-Education Advising

Peer advisors assist with general information about teaching pathways and general advising for Corvallis degree programs. Peer tutors help students prepare for their Professional Program applications.

Peer advisors and tutors
Location: FURM 100

Meet with a Peer Advisor

Undergraduate Corvallis Educator Prep Programs

For current or prospective students with advising questions such as degree planning and requirements, applying to programs, transferring credits, etc. First year students and prospective students are encouraged to start by meeting with a peer advisor.

Niki Weight
Head Academic Advisor

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Math/Science Teaching

For prospective or current students interested in teaching math or science at the middle/high school for the Education Double Degree or Master of Science in Education. Students with less than 45 credits (first-year students) are encouraged to start by meeting with a peer advisor.


Thomas Shelly
Academic Advisor/Recruiter

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Support for Student Success

For students attending the Corvallis campus with general questions, concerns, or assistance navigating the programs, connect with Charissa Stone. Charissa also provides personalized support for students of color, first generation students, and other diverse student populations. (Similar support is available for our Ecampus programs and at OSU-Cascades, contact the program staff for more information)

Charissa Stone
Outreach, Recruitment, Retention Specialist

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Education Minor

Prospective students who would like to declare the minor can complete the Education Minor Declaration Form. For additional information or advising questions, contact Thomas Shelley at [email protected] or schedule an appointment.

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Clinically Based Elementary Education - BS or MAT

Applications for 2023-2024 are closed. Please check back for updates for 2024-2025.

For prospective students interested in our Ecampus/hybrid Clinically Based Elementary Education (programs) contact the Program Lead, Angel Deberry or Program Navigator, Shoshanna Holman. Bachelor of Science (BS) or Master or Arts (MAT) options are available.

Students currently in or applying to the BS program, can make an appointment with Niki Weight, Head Advisor to discuss program requirements.

Angel DeBerry
Program Lead

Shoshanna Holman
Program Navigator

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OSU-Cascades - BS in Elementary Education

For undergraduate students interested in the Elementary Education program, contact Carmen Martinez or the Program Coordinator, Melinda Knapp.

Carmen Martinez
Undergraduate Academic Advisor

Melinda Knapp
BS Program Coordinator

OSU-Cascades Advising

Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) with various options

For graduate students interested in an MAT, contact [email protected]

Gillian Harper
Recruitment Advisor

Carolyn Platt
Program Coordinator

ESOL/Dual Language Education

For appointments related to ESOL (English to Speakers of Other Languages) endorsement or Dual Language specialization for future teachers and currently licensed teachers. ESOL/Dual Language is available to students in any teacher licensure programs. Dual Language is available for Spanish/English bilingual teachers.

Tiffany Palaniuk
ESOL / Dual Language Endorsement Lead and Instructor

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Education PhD

For those interested in learning about the Education PhD program and its three options: Agricultural Education; Language, Equity, and Educational Policy; and Science/Mathematics Education, or the Education Graduate Minor.

Martha Ahrendt
Education PhD Program Lead


Ecampus - Master of Counseling (MCoun) or PhD in Counseling

For current or prospective students interested in our Ecampus Counseling programs, contact [email protected]

Misty De Lei
Head Advisor

OSU-Cascades - Master of Counseling

For students interested in an in-person Master of Counseling (MCoun) contact [email protected]

Gillian Harper
Recruitment Advisor

Adult and Higher Education

Adult and Higher Education

For those interested in learning about the Instructional Design Graduate Certificate, the Master of Education (Ed.M.) in Adult and Higher Education or the AHE Doctoral program offering two degree tracks: EdD or PhD. Contact [email protected]

Lindsay Andrews
AHE Program Lead

For assistance with contacting an advisor, contact Education Student Services by emailing [email protected] or call 541-737-4661.