College of Education Advising

Current and prospective students are encouraged to connect with an advisor or program leads to learn more about programs within the College of Education. For a full list of programs offered by the college, review our Academics page. Once you know which program(s) you are interested in, read the descriptions below to schedule an appointment or contact the program lead for more information.

For Prospective/New Undergraduate Students or Pre-Education Students

If you are a prospective student exploring teaching programs in the College of Education or a current Pre-Education Double Degree student with general questions about the program (e.g. program requirements, classes/options, MyDegrees), peer advisors are available to meet with you! Appointments may be scheduled in advance or students may drop-in when peer advisors are available.

Prospective students may also attend a Pre-Education Orientation Session to learn more about the College of Education programs and the Education Double Degree. Students interested in math/science teaching areas are encouraged to start by meeting with Carol McKiel to discuss licensure pathways and options (see details below).

Peer Advising/Tutoring (In-Person and Virtual)

The College of Education Ambassadors offer peer advising and tutoring services for prospective and current students with virtual and in-person options available. You can schedule an appointment ahead of time or drop-in during our scheduled hours.

Meet with a peer advisor

Niki Weight

Head Academic Advisor (undergraduate)

Undergraduate Pre-Education Students

For undergraduate pre-education students in teacher education programs (Double Degree, BS in Clinically Based Elementary Education) with questions about the application process, exploring content mastery areas, registration/MyDegrees, or other general questions. 

Prospective students are encouraged to first attend a Pre-Education Orientation Session or meet with a peer advisor to learn more about the Double Degree program. For students interested in math/science teaching areas, start by meeting with Carol McKiel.

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Carol McKiel

MS and Secondary Education Advisor

MS in Education or Double Degree – Math and Science

For students interested in teaching math or science at the middle/high school level (secondary education). May include questions related to program requirements for the MS in Education or Double Degree (math/science endorsement areas), the application process, registration, or other general questions.

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Sara Wright

Senior Instructor, MS & Undergraduate Program Lead

Double Degree or MS program

For students admitted into the Double Degree program that have questions, contact Sara Wright to schedule an appointment. For prospective students interested in the Education Double Degree or MS program, make an appointment with an Education advisor using the information listed above.

Justin Roach

MAT in Clinically Based Elementary Education program lead

Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) in Clinically Based Elementary

For those interested in Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) with an option in clinically based elementary.

[email protected] 

Tiffany Palaniuk

ESOL / Dual Language Endorsement Lead and Instructor

ESOL/Dual Language Education

For appointments related to ESOL (English to Speakers of Other Languages) endorsement or Dual Language specialization for future teachers and currently licensed teachers. ESOL/Dual Language is available to students in any teacher licensure program (MAT, MS, Double Degree, etc). Dual Language is available for Spanish/English bilingual teachers. 

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Sue Helback

College Coordinator

Education Minor

For students interested in the Education Minor or students currently in the minor with advising questions.

New students can start the process of adding the Education minor by completing this survey.

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Lindsay Andrews

AHE Program Lead

Adult and Higher Education

For those interested in learning about the Instructional Design Graduate Certificate, the Master of Education (Ed.M.) in Adult and Higher Education or the AHE Doctoral program offering two degree tracks: EdD or PhD.

[email protected] 




Introducing new Head Advisor, Niki Weight

Biography: My passion is making a difference through hearing students’ stories about who they are and where they want to go and helping them achieve their goals. This led me to earn my Bachelor of Science in Sociology from Brigham Young University and a Master of Science in Academic Advising from Kansas State University. I began advising 10 years ago as an Exploratory advisor and then moved to Oregon three years ago to serve as the Director of Student Success and Advising at Western Oregon University before joining the OSU family.

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Please contact Education Student Services by emailing [email protected] or call 541-737-4661 for more information