Welcome!  This page is designed to give current and prospective students information on advising within the College of Education and to serve as a helpful resource to navigate the Education Double Degree. 

Peer Advising: return in Fall for fall term sessions.


To make an appointment with an advisor, please call student services at 541-737-4661.

You need to attend an initial planning meeting, request to be placed on the Professional Application Canvas site, and accept the invitation by email. At this meeting, we will go over the requirements to be admitted to the Professional Level, the application process, licensure exams, student teaching responsibilities, licensure/program fees for 2019, and scholarships, plus we will answer any questions that you may have about the program. 

Teacher Licensure candidates are expected to model professional dispositions.  Failing to cancel an appointment may become evidence of an inability to meet required professional dispositions.

You must attend a session in Furman Hall. You do not need to RSVP to attend.

Declaration Meetings- 2019

  • October 4th @ 4pm
  • October 5th @ 12 noon
  • November 1st @ 4pm
  • November 2nd @ 12 noon
  • December 6th @ 4pm
  • December 7th @ 12 noon


Application Meetings- 2019 

  • October 4th @ 5pm
  • October 5th @ 1pm
  • November 1st @ 5pm
  • November 2nd @ 1pm
  • December 6th @ 5pm
  • December 7th @ 1pm


Please contact Education Student Services at 541-737-4661 or stop in 104 Furman Hall for more information.

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