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Laslett Teacher Education Scholarship accepting applications through June 1!

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These resources will help College of Education students assess their financial aid needs and create a strong financial aid application.

Financial Support Options

Use this tool to learn more about OSU's financial resources.

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Financial Support Application

This application helps us understand your needs and offer support.

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OSU ScholarDollars

Oregon State University's online scholarship search and application portal.

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COMMITTED to Affordability

We offer numerous scholarships and financial assistance, including program-specific funds, emergency funds, grants, scholarships and more. Most scholarships can be applied for with a one-time application process.


in awarded emergency fund grants


awarded in scholarships in 2022-23


in teacher licensure scholarships awarded to 90 students


Teacher Licensure Support Fund

These awards are available to teacher licensure candidates and defray costs associated with completing the program. Awards will range from $150-$1000, depending on need.

Applications open February 12 and must be submitted by March 15, 2024

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Earl Nicholas & Margaret Tate Anderson Student Teaching Fund

Provides a $9,000 living stipend over the academic year for selected full-time teacher candidates placed in unpaid full-time student teaching assignments. 

Applications open through May 1, 2024

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Herbert R. and Leota L. Laslett Teacher Education Scholarship

Funding for one competitive four-year scholarship for a future teacher. Applications from incoming undergraduate students pursuing teacher licensure will be considered for this scholarship. Undergraduate transfer students are also eligible.

Applications open through June 1, 2024

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College of Education Scholarships

The college has a collection of 44 scholarships in ScholarDollars with awards ranging from $250 to $9,000. Scholarship eligibility is determined on a scholarship-by-scholarship basis.

Applications must be submitted by May 1, 2024.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Scholarship eligibility is determined on a scholarship by scholarship basis. Please review ScholarDollars for the latest, most up-to-date details regarding eligibility and application requirements. 
    • Eligibility is based on the student's full or part-time enrollment status in one of the College of Education's programs.

    • To remain eligible for any funds awarded, you must make satisfactory progress toward program completion according to faculty policy and program requirements for the duration of the award period.

  • Late or incomplete application
  • Failure to provide acceptance of the scholarship/s by the deadline in the letter of notification

  • Falsified information

  • Termination of enrollment from a College of Education program or Oregon State University licensure program

Applicants will be notified of the outcome of their applications by email provided on their application in ScholarDollars. 

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