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The College of Education strives to be an international leader in research and in the preparation of change agents in education and related fields. We welcome you to join and share in our values: social justice, innovation, intersection of practice and research, reflection and integrity.


As Spring Term comes to an end, we know you're looking for what's coming next. There are tools for those of you graduating, no matter what level or what campus.

To start, OSU's career system is called Handshake, and will support you at the university level. 

Take a look at the resources for Corvallis, Ecampus, and OSU-Cascades.

For more information, contact your program lead, or reach out to the College of Education Student Services at 541-737-4661 or

    A Momentous Charge

    Life is always full of obstacles, but overcoming these obstacles in order to achieve your dreams is what really defines a person. Teaching isn’t always the most profitable of careers, but it is often the most pivotal – not only for the students but for the teacher as well.

    For Carmen Lawson, teaching is a momentous charge