Promoting Lifelong Learning

 The College of Education strives to be an international leader in research and in the preparation of change agents in education and related fields. We welcome you to join and share in our values: social justice, innovation, intersection of practice and research, reflection and integrity.

Advocating for Leadership

Know your goals, know your path, give back, be a leader, these simple tenets offer the greatest rewards. For Marinda Peters, counseling was her goal, her path and ultimately her reward.

“My passion is for the betterment of our society, and I truly believe that our young people are our future, so if we can support our young people to be the best citizens that they can be or the most successful that they can be within their definition of success, I want to be a part of that,” says Peters, an OSU graduate and adjunct instructor at OSU-Cascades.

In 2014, Peters won the Oregon School Counselor of the year award...


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