Promoting Lifelong Learning

 The College of Education strives to be an international leader in research and in the preparation of change agents in education and related fields. We welcome you to join and share in our values: social justice, innovation, intersection of practice and research, reflection and integrity.

Double Degree upcoming meetings

Join College of Education Head Advisor Jason Tena-Encarnacion for overview meetings for the application and declaration levels. Contact Student Services at 541-737-4661 or in 104 Furman Hall to receive the location of the meeting you wish to attend.

2019 Double Degree Application Meetings
  • January 14th – 5 pm
  • January 18th – 5 pm
  • January 19th – 12 pm
  • February 18th – 5 pm
  • February 22nd – 5 pm
  • February 23rd – 12 pm
2019 Double Degree Declaration Meetings
  • January 25th – 5 pm
  • January 26th – 12 pm
  • February 25th – 5 pm 
  • March 1st – 5 pm 
  • March 2nd – 12 pm

    Portland Programs

    The College of Education offers programs based in Portland in teaching, adult and higher education, and counseling

    These programs are through Ecampus, hybrid online. Students take online courses and meet in person throughout the term.