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greg garcia
“Mike O’Malley is the entire reason why I’m in education right now. Every day I’m in the classroom I’m thankful Mike¬ convinced me to stay.” College of Education alumni, Greg Garcia, was named 2021 Oregon History Teacher of the Year.
The Arthur Applebee Award for Excellence in Research on Literacy is presented annually to honor an outstanding article in literacy research published in a refereed journal.
cass dykeman
“The number of people I’ve been able to help obtain a doctorate at OSU is my biggest accomplishment.” Dr. Cass Dykeman is anticipating moving to the top spot for the most completed dissertations of all time at at Oregon State.
elaine copeland
“I will continue to give as long as I’m living." Dr. Elaine Copeland graduated from OSU in 1974 with a Ph.D. in Counseling from the College of Education. She continues to touch the lives of students by donating to the College of Education

Grow Your Own grants awarded for the second year in a row

The OSU College of Education is pleased to announce that we have again received two partner pathway “Grow Your Own” grants from the Oregon Educator Advancement Council. These grants, totaling nearly $700,000 in year one and $700,000 in year two, enable OSU to build and strengthen our district partnerships in order to diversify the teacher workforce. We are excited to be continuing this work and look forward to potential additional funding over the next few years.

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Gerardo Chavez (He/Him)

"This scholarship presents me an opportunity to continue pursuing my dream. I’m grateful that OSU can provide so many opportunities that reward hard work. I look forward to passing the knowledge I have attained as an educator in my community."


Scholarships awarded in 2021-2022


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2018 – 2020
Created the most licensed teachers in Oregon than any other college or university

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