Licensure Support Fund Scholarship

The College of Education is offering a new Licensure Support Fund Scholarship as an effort to help offset costs associated with teacher licensure programs (i.e., edTPA, TSPC licensing fee, etc.). Eligible applicants include OSU CoEd students enrolled in the professional level of the Double Degree or a graduate initial licensure program who are in good academic standing. Students may apply for up to $500 in funding and the application deadline is set for March 31, 2019. 

For more information, visit the webpage, contact Student Services at 541-737-4661 or stop by in 104 Furman Hall.


Oregon Licensure

All Oregon licensing is completed through Teacher Standards and Practices Commission (TSPC). As such, students completing a teacher education or school counselor program through Oregon State University will need to submit an application to TSPC at the completion of their program to receive their respective license.

Following completion of an OSU teacher licensure program:
  • Submit licensure application to TSPC
    • If your fingerprints are not current, complete fingerprint section in your TSPC application.
  • Complete Licensure Request form in TaskStream
  • Submit $100 check (payable to OSU) to the College of Education
  • Send official transcripts to TSPC
  • If your fingerprints are not current, submit fingerprint packet and $55 check to TSPC
  • Complete edTPA
Following completion of an OSU School Counseling program:


Adding Endorsements:

OSU offers an ESOL endorsement program (online or on campus). For questions on adding the ESOL endorsement to your teaching license, please contact Summer Lowery. For subject area endorsements, you may work directly with your district and TSPC to add an endorsement.


Licensure in Other States

  • Obtain program completion form from the state for which you are applying for licensure and complete the application section of the form.
  • Submit form to Summer Lowery at or to the address provided below, along with a $25 check (payable to OSU).
  • Send to: OSU College of Education – 104 Furman Hall / Attn: Licensure / 200 SW 15th Street / Corvallis, OR  97331


Licensure Fees

Teacher Licensure Programs:

  • OSU Licensure fee - $100
  • TSPC eLicensing fee - $150
  • TSPC Fingerprints - $67.50
  • ORELA Protecting Student & Civil Rights in Educational Environment Exam - $95
  • Subject Area Exam - $120 or above (varies by subject)
  • Watermark (Taskstream) - $46


School Counselor Program:

  • OSU Licensure fee - $100
  • TSPC eLicensing fee - $150


Add-On Endorsement Program for Inservice Teachers:

  • OSU Licensure fee - $100
  • TSPC eLicensing fee - $150
  • Watermark (Taskstream) - $46
  • Subject Area exam - $120 or above (varies by subject)



Teacher Standards and Practices Commission (TSPC)

National Associate of State Directors of Teacher Education and Certification (NASDTEC) Interstate Agreement (licensure guide by state)

School Spring - educator job listings

Beaver Careers



Summer Lowery, Licensure and Placement Specialist
104E Furman Hall