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Public Education

Research is a powerful force in preparing K-12 students for future successes.

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Through reserach, we assess and improve our practice to benefit those in need.

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Higher Education

Research into higher education helps close the knowledge gap and sparks creativity.

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Social Justice

Research helps us learn how to make meaningful impact and take action for real societal change.



Amanda Kibler

Challenging the Differences Between Academic and Social Language

Dr. Amanda Kibler’s multi-decade collaboration with former doctoral students results in another groundbreaking article, on the durability of educators’ notions on perceived difference between so-called academic and social language. What continues as a partnership to learn from and study their own ESOL teacher education practices, the research group continues to inform the larger field around academic language, translanguaging, and deficit mindsets, this time on the complex reasons that educators hold onto teaching misconceptions, even in light of research and instruction.

Cass Dykeman

Showcasing the Power of Pairing Modern Statistical Techniques with Technology-enhanced Pedagogy

Dr. Cass Dykeman continues propelling paradigm shifts in counseling research.  In collaboration with colleagues from Western Oregon University, his new published study utilizes innovative Bayesian statistics to evaluate online learning for group counseling training. Findings validate substantial strengths of the novel pedagogical model for virtual psychoeducation groups, in developing their counseling competencies and technology-related practice skills. 

Arctic Ice

Diversifying Polar Science

Dr. Hyoung Joon Park's research on COLDEX, an NSF-funded, multi-institutional Science and Technology Center (OSU as lead institution), is attempting to strengthen and diversify polar science. Dr. Park is investigating the impact of center activities and the projects’ emerging national learning community on the professional development (e.g., teaching and research practices) of faculty at minority-serving institutions, K-12 teachers, graduate and undergraduate students, and postdoctoral researchers. He is supervised by Dr. Jana Bouwma-Gearhart.

Martha Sandstead

Researching Teachers' Efforts to Mitigate Inequities for Multilingual Literacies

Dr. Martha Garrett Sandstead investigates the ALK-8 project, a collaboration between Oregon State University’s College of Education and the Oregon Department of Education, supporting K12 educator-led projects designed to build students’ disciplinary literacies. She is researching teachers’ efforts to co-design solutions for mitigating inequities for multilingual learners, students experiencing disabilities, and others disproportionally impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic, as well as the efficacy of inter-organizational partnerships to support them. She is supervised by Dr. Melinda Knapp.

Marcos Viveros Cespedes

Studying Changes in Pedagogical Practices

Dr. Marcos Viveros Cespedes studies the BASICS project, a coalition of three universities supporting interdisciplinary faculty to create and implement novel transdisciplinary sustainability-focused curricula. He investigates the perceived value of the project and its influence on faculty innovation, with an emphasis on changes to their pedagogical practices, including curricular planning, inter-disciplinary and inter-institutional collaborations, and transdisciplinary teaching methods in their discipline-specific courses. He is supervised by Dr. Jana Bouwma-Gearhart.

Lucy Purguson

Dr. Lucy Purgason and Colleagues Uncover a Culturally Sustaining and Strengths-based Approach for Support of Multilingual Learners’ Academic and Social-emotional Needs

With her intercollegiate research team including graduate students and a practicing school counselor, Dr. Purgason has published research that sheds light on the potential of interprofessional collaborations between school counselors and English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) teachers, showing the benefits of these collaborations for multilingual learners. Funded by the Southern Association for Counselor Education and Supervision, the research suggests mitigation strategies for mental health issues exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic, including curricula to support students’ academic and social-emotional needs.