Workshops & Presentations

Publishing Tips – Where, When & How

Hannah Rempel, presented to College of Education graduate students on April 21, 2021

New to journal article writing? Learn some key publishing strategies and tips including how to get your story across, what to consider when choosing a journal to publish in, the value of impact factors, co-authorship considerations, and what to expect after you've submitted your article.

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Crafting a Modern CV for Today’s Employers

Karla Rockholt, presented to College of Education students on April 13, 2021 (recording is not from this session)

Today’s CV needs to be strategic, organized and impactful.  It isn’t just a laundry list of accomplishments and there are different types of CV’s best suited to each employment situation.  Whether you are master’s or PhD going into industry, academia, or government, this session will have something for you!

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Advanced Qualtrics

Diana Castillo, presented to College of Education graduate students on February 24, 2021

Topics covered include:

  • Create more sophisticated surveys and data gathering strategies using Qualtrics

  • Survey flow (branching)

  • Piping text

  • Using panels to distribute a survey to a specific group of people

  • Generate reports from the Qualtrics webpage

  • Triggers

  • Using  libraries to store and reuse questions and surveys

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Researching for the Literature review

Colleen Johnson, presented to College of Education graduate students on September 20, 2020.

Topics covered include:

  • Concepts and scope of a literature review

  • Library search tools and other help

  • Managing the research process

  • Broad idea of what research is across OSU

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Smart from the Start- Manage your data

Clara Llebot Lorente,  presented to College of Education doctoral students on May 7, 2020.

Topics covered include:

  • What is data and data management, and the benefits of good data management for you as a researcher, and for science in general.

  • Reproducibility and open data

  • Data Management plans as a way to manage well one's data.

  • Working with data ethically. Giving attribution to datasets.

  • Keeping data safe: backups and digital preservation. Introduction to ScholarsArchive@OSU, OSU’s institutional repository.

  • Keeping data useful: data organization and data documentation.

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Other university resources

Library research guides and handouts

The library offers many classes on different research subjects.  They archive some of their presentations and handouts here.

Graduate School Courses

The Graduate School and its partners deliver courses designed to support students in graduate school.  There are several courses aligned to research in their offerings.  You will need to check the course catalog to determine the term in which they will be offered.

Graduate Student Writing Center

The Graduate Writing Center supports Oregon State University graduate students, to "facilitate the growth of individual writers, and to foster strong academic and creative writing communities."

Institutional Review Board (IRB)

If you are working on research that involves human subjects or has the potential to involve human subjects, you may need to request IRB approval.  The IRB staff offer in-office assistance through scheduled appointments and drop-in hours. They can help you determine if you require IRB approval or if you have exemptions.

Presentation Rooms and Studios

Student Multimedia Services provides access to presentation rooms, a photo/video production studio, DIY Media studios, and multimedia workstations in the Valley Library. These spaces can be reserved for academic projects, research and teaching and learning applications.

Research in Action Podcast

Research in Action (RIA) is a podcast about topics and issues related to research in higher education featuring experts across a range of disciplines.

Research Office

Administrators and staff help advance the success of the entire OSU research enterprise by facilitating the rigorous pursuit of discovery, scholarship and innovation while maintaining the highest professional and ethical standards.

Travel Award

The travel funds from this award are designed to provide domestic or international graduate students with financial support to cover part of the cost associated with attending and presenting their scholarly work/achievements at prestigious national/international conferences.

List of Graduate Student resource not related to research

There are many other resources at the university for Graduate Student that are not necessarily related to research.  This page has a comprehensive list including the above.

Career Development Center

The Career Development Center has resources designed to assist you in creating resumes, curriculum vitae, and cover letters to help present yourself to potential employers.