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The College of Education

Developing change agents in the form of researchers, scholars, learning leaders, teachers, and counselors.  Change agents make a difference by promoting innovation, social justice, and lifelong learning.  They prepare citizens who are socially empowered, reflective, innovative, and caring members of our increasingly diverse communities and the world. The College of Education is pleased to be a part of the Division of Arts & Sciences, as part of OSU's Strategic Alignment, along with its companion colleges the College of Science and the College of Liberal Arts. 


Carpenter Lecture series

The Carpenter Lecture is an annual professional development event that features a nationally known speaker on a topic of importance to community colleges. In addition to current students in the Adult and Higher Education doctoral program, attendees include northwest community college leaders and members of the OSU community. 


Accreditation Information

Accreditation of the Professional Teacher and Counselor Education (PTCE) unit at Oregon State University (OSU) includes all initial and advanced licensure programs offered by the Cascades and Corvallis campuses (but does not pertain to individual education courses that the institution offers to P-12 educators for professional development, re-licensure, or other purposes).



Resources for K-12 Educators

A page providing a variety of resources and supports to enhance your skills as educators across diverse groups and settings. Find a variety of educational materials – from online instruction, to professional development, to supportive connections and other resources.

Stories and News

Visit the College of Education blog for updates on news and stories. 

Highlighted features

Annual Report 2021-2022

The College of Education's annual report highlights the major programs, initiatives, grants, research and honors for the past academic year. The report can be downloaded as a PDF by clicking the link below.

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Strategic Plan 2022-2026

The College of Education has initiated its new strategic plan centered around our values of social justice, innovation, praxis, reflection and integrity. The plan can be downloaded as a PDF by clicking the link below.

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