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Welcome to the Office of Licensure and Field Services Web Page for Cooperating Teachers, Counseling Site Supervisors, and University Supervisors. Here you will find guidelines and resources for helping teacher candidates and school counselor meet the benchmarks they will need in order to apply for a preliminary teaching or counseling license.


Commonly Used Forms

Cooperating Teacher Information Sheet 

Counseling Site Supervisor Information Sheet 

Candidate Dispositions Statement

Empcenter Tutorial

FERPA for Cooperating Teachers and Supervisors

FERPA Consent to Release Educational Records and Information

FERPA Powerpoint

Formal Observation Form

InTASC standards aligned to Program dispositions

Team Evaluation

University Supervisor information Sheet 


All travel forms are now through Concur:


Qualities of a Cooperating Teacher

This list is intended to be used as a tool by school/district administrators when selecting cooperating teachers. This list is not intended to exclude teachers from becoming a cooperating teacher, but ideally, cooperating teachers will possess many of the qualities outlined on this list. View the cooperating teacher qualities.



Taskstream (now Watermark) is our online program for student assessment. 

Guide for Cooperating Teachers

Guide for University Supervisors

For more information, contact:
Nick Cabot
[email protected]


University Supervisor Expectations

There are some common threads across our initial teacher licensure programs. All of our students are required to be formally observed at least four times during their student teaching. School counseling students who do not have a teaching license must be observed three times in a classroom setting. For specifics, contact your program lead.


Mileage Reimbursement Policy

When traveling on official university business, university supervisors may request reimbursement of travel expenses by submitting a pre-athoratziaon request in Concur.  Requests for reimbursement must be submitted for payment in Concur within 60 days of incurring the cost, or at the conclusion of the travel, during which the expenditure was made in the appropriate fiscal year of the expense. Submitting reimbursement requests within 60 days ensures OSU's compliance with IRS rules that enables travel reimbursements to not be taxable.   

Supervisors will be reimbursed for miles outside the city of Corvallis.


More Information

For more information about placements and protocols for being a cooperating teacher, counseling site supervisor or university supervisor, please contact:

Karyn Costello, licensure and placement specialist

For more information about our programs on the Cascades Campus, please contact:

Donna Harris
2600 NW College Way, CSB 214
[email protected] 


For information about accreditation, field supervision and licensure protocols, please contact:

Kristen Nielsen 
Assistant Dean of Education Licensure and Accreditation
[email protected]