Participating in a practicum course that is not student teaching:

All students wishing to participate in a practicum course that is NOT student teaching (e.g., ED 309) must complete a background check and intake form prior to enrolling in the course. Acceptable background checks include: 

  • Enrollment in the Oregon Department of Education (ODE) Central Background Registry 
  • Completion of TSPC Fingerprinting and Background Check
  • Oregon Department of Education (ODE) Criminal History Verification (CHV) – more details below

ED 309 (for students on the OSU-Corvallis campus) is offered fall and winter terms only and is a 3-credit course. 

ED 309 Enrollment Process:

Step 1: Complete the online ED 309 Intake/Override Form by the deadline listed below. In the form, you will upload the paperwork to have a CHV background check completed on your behalf OR upload verification of prior background check clearance (ODE/TSPC). 

  • Intake Form Deadlines: Fall term - June 1, Winter term - November 1 
  • "Registration Deadline: Fall term – September 1, Winter term – December 15." (quoted text in bold). If you plan to take ED 309, you will need to register for the class by these dates to ensure sufficient time to get your classroom placement.

Prior to completing the form, you will need the following: 

  • Access to a printer* and scanner/phone to download, print, and upload a signed copy of the CHV form. 
  • Course information for the ED 309 course you wish to take. This can be found on the Schedule of Classes website

Step 2: After completing the intake/override form, you will be given provisional override access to enroll in the course. Register for ED 309 during your assigned registration date/time. 

Step 3: After the deadline, the College of Education will submit the CHV paperwork (if applicable) to ODE for processing and contact you only if your background check does not clear. Once cleared, CHV forms are valid for a period of one year.

Note: IF YOUR BACKGROUND CHECK DOES NOT CLEAR, you will NOT be placed in a classroom and unable to successfully complete the ED 309 course requirements. If notified that your background check doesn't clear, you will be responsible for dropping the course before the drop deadline



For any questions about the ED 309 intake form or registration processes, please contact Student Services via email at [email protected], phone at 541-737-4661, or by stopping by Furman Hall room 104. 

The safety of children is always our highest priority, and we are vigilant in assuring that the appropriate clearance has been given for each OSU student we place in a K-12 setting. Any OSU student in an practicum course that is NOT student teaching will have submitted the appropriate verification of background check clearance. For students not enrolled in a practicum course, we recommend school districts have them follow the same processes as they would any other community volunteer. If you have questions regarding the clearance and placement process, contact the Student Services Office at 541-737-4661.


BeaverPrint printers are available on campus for a low printing fee. There is also a BeaverPrint printer available in the Peer Ambassador space in FURM 104. You may also pick up a physical copy of the CHV form in FURM 104. 

You may use your phone and take a picture (or use a scanning app – this is recommended) and upload a copy of your CHV form to the online intake/override form.

No. The $5 fee to request the CHV check with ODE is covered by the course fee for ED 309.

You will get info on your as placement from the Licensure and Placement Coordinator as soon as the placement is confirmed after the registration deadline. That info may come 1-2 weeks prior to the start of the term, or at the latest, be provided on the first day of the ED 309 course.

The course requires you to complete a minimum of 67 hours in the classroom over the course of a ten-week term.

Yes. It is recommended that you have flexibility in your schedule in the mornings and early afternoons to allow for time to complete your practicum hours.

You will need to complete the override/intake form each term you wish to register for ED 309 to get an override for the course. If you previously submitted a CHV form, it is valid for a year. If you are registering for an ED 309 course within that year, you do not resubmit the CHV paperwork. If your CHV form has expired, you will need to upload a new form.

ED 309 is designed to give you experience in a classroom setting. It does not involve the same level of hours or requirements as your student teaching experience for a licensure program.

For students on the OSU-Corvallis campus, no. There are online sections of ED 309 listed in the Schedule of Classes, but they are designed for students for students in Ecampus majors/programs and not available for students pursing the Education Double Degree, MS in Education or Education minor.

If you need to an option to fulfill this requirement with an online course, sign up for ED 402 – 4H and U. See your advisor and link to the website below for more information. In this class you will design a four-lesson unit and teach it online to a group of 4-8 students in the grade level of your choice. Volunteer Teaching Opportunities for OSU Students

If possible, plan to take ED 309 in a future term. For any other questions, contact Student Services or the Head Advisor for assistance and to discuss alternative options.