As an incoming student in the College of Education at OSU who is enrolling in our Double Degree, MS in Science/Math Education or clinically based MAT teacher licensure program, we are reaching out to make sure you have access to all of the information needed to understand and plan for the costs associated with your degree and pathway to your teaching license.

You can find information about OSU tuition and general OSU fees for your specific program in Education Double Degree, MS in Science/Math Education, or MAT in Clinically Based Elementary.


Course fees and licensure fees

In addition to OSU tuition and OSU student fees, teaching licensure programs have two other types of fees that are part of the cost of attendance – course fees and licensure fees. 

  • A subset of your courses will include a fee of $50 per student credit hour. 

  • Students in our teaching licensure programs will pay approximately $1,000 in course-level fees. These course fees are used to cover a portion of expenses incurred to deliver an accredited program leading to licensure.

The College of Education, for example, is responsible for compensating schools that provide student teaching opportunities. 

We must also pay the salary and travel costs for your University Supervisor to complete required observations. In addition, the State of Oregon requires that all Education Preparation Programs (EPP) maintain accreditation for each degree pathway leading to a teaching license.  Accreditation requires rigorous tracking, analysis, and reporting to ensure the quality of our program and our graduates.  This requires faculty and staff, beyond those who teach courses in your program.  This last year, the College of Education spent over $600,000 on licensure and accreditation expenses. Course-level fees collected will cover only about 20% of these total costs.

Second, students in our program are also responsible for various licensure fees. 

  • These fees are often paid for directly by the student and are incurred at different points during your program by various state agencies. 

  • These fees are not set or managed by OSU and are required to work in schools and to seek licensure upon completion of your program.  You can find more information about licensure fees for your program.


We encourage you to review and apply for College of Education scholarships. These scholarships can help minimize your out-of-pocket costs during the final stages of your education.  If you qualify for institutional financial aid, you are also encouraged to work with the Office of Financial Aid to validate that your financial aid award has taken into account all program costs.

If you have questions or need more information, please reach out to your program lead.

Education Double Degree and MS in Science/Math Education: [email protected]
MAT in Clinically Based Elementary: [email protected]