Students participating in an approved student teaching licensure program are required to submit application for Fingerprint Clearance through Teacher Standards and Practices Commission, (TSPC) elicensing systems.

  • Application fee is $61(additional fees to be assessed) payable only through elicensing. It is important when submitting through elicensing to select "Clinical Practices," NOT "Teacher." Be sure to read and follow the instructions carefully.

  • Within 5 – 7 days of application submission, a code for a Fieldprint appointment will be emailed from TSPC.

  • The Fieldprint appointment fee is $12.50.  It is important for the student to monitor their email account.


  • Please allow two months for TSPC to process fingerprint clearance. TSPC does not notify the College of Education of student clearance status. It is the student’s responsibility to provide proof of fingerprint clearance. 

  • TSPC will notify the student of clearance through email. It is the student’s responsibility to monitor their email account for the notice of fingerprint clearance. This email will be used as proof of fingerprint clearance.

  • Students will be provided instructions for submitting the clearance email to the College of Education for verification.       

NOTE: Full disclosure on the character questions is imperative to fingerprint/background check clearance, success in a teacher preparation program, and ultimate eligibility for a teaching license. Providing false information on a background check may result in consequences regarding academic dishonesty, as well as possible denial of student teaching clearance and a teaching license. If you answer “yes” on any of the character questions on the elicensing application, please refer to the TSPC Instructions for Answering Character Questions page on submitting the required documentation.

The safety of children is always our highest priority, and we are vigilant in assuring that the appropriate clearance has been given for each OSU student we place in a K-12 setting. Any OSU student in a student teaching course or program will have completed the appropriate TSPC fingerprint clearance. For students not enrolled in a licensure program, we recommend school districts have them follow the same processes as they would any other community volunteer. If you have questions regarding the clearance and placement process, contact the Student Services Office at 541-737-4661.

Background Check:

Criminal History Verification (CHV): For those completing a practicum that is NOT student teaching (e.g., ED 309), students will submit paperwork for a Criminal History Verification through the Oregon Department of Education. Refer to the website below for details. For questions regarding the CHV clearances and process, contact Student Services as 541-737-4661 or [email protected].

ED 309/CHV Instructions click here. 


Once a student has completed the TSPC Fingerprint process, the College of Education will find the student a student teaching placement in a K-12 school.

  • A Placement Preference form is collected from each student as part of their Professional Level/Student Teaching Cohort Application.

  • Resumes and cover letters are sent to potential cooperating teachers and principals. Students should present themselves in the best light possible to ensure quick placement confirmation.

  • Since placements are completed on an individual basis, the timing for notification varies and is dependent upon multiple circumstances.  Turning in your Professional Level/Student Teaching Cohort Application early will give you the best opportunity to have your placement confirmed as soon as possible.

  • The College of Education will not place a teacher candidate at a school where a relative or member of household of the teacher candidate works or attends.  Such information should be disclosed by the teacher candidate, in the Placement Preference form, at the time of program application.

  • The Oregon State University (OSU) College of Education guarantees only one student teaching placement that meets the minimum placement requirements for each program (outlined in the Teacher Candidate Placement policy shown below). This guaranteed placement will be in the teacher candidate’s primary endorsement area and will be within a 60-mile radius of the hosting OSU campus (Cascades or Corvallis). Placement in a district that is further than 60-miles from the hosting OSU campus will be considered upon request and must be approved by the Program Lead and the Director of Licensure.

  • View the Teacher Candidate Placement policy here.


Karyn Costello, Licensure and Placement Specialist

[email protected]