The PhD in Education provides advanced theory and methods in educational research and in specific content areas. The PhD degree is a research-oriented degree intended for students interested in becoming educational researchers and assume faculty positions in colleges or university teacher education programs. This program is designed for students already possessing education beyond the undergraduate level (master’s degree or equivalent).

The Education PhD degree requires at least 108 credits, including a core curriculum in research, seminar, practicum and dissertation/thesis. At least 12 additional credits are taken in a content area specific to each option.

Applicants to the PhD program must have significant experience in an education or education-related setting such as teaching, leadership administration, curriculum specialist, supervisor or in a setting where the primary function is education. Some knowledge of educational research methodology is highly desirable.

This is a Corvallis campus-based program.

There are three options to apply for through the Education PhD.

Language, Equity, and Educational Policy (LEEP) 

The primary focus of preparing students to assume various positions in post-secondary education, leadership in community education, faculty positions in colleges or university or teacher education programs. Working with major professors (faculty advisors), students create and implement a program of study that provides comprehensive knowledge of research with bi/multilingual communities, equity in education contexts and educational policies.

Science or Mathematics Education

The primary focus of preparing candidates to assume various positions in post-secondary, K-12 or free-choice education organizations. Working with major professors (faculty advisors), candidates create and implement a program of study that fosters theory-based knowledge and skills and practical research experience necessary for future career ambitions in STEM education. Within this option, there are three focus areas:

  1. K-12 school-based 
  2. Collegiate
  3. Free-choice learning
Agricultural Education

The Agricultural Education option’s primary focus is to prepare candidates to assume leadership/faculty positions in university agricultural education programs. Students develop an individual program of study that provides a strong theoretical foundation and practical research experience in some area of interest in agricultural education.

For more information:

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