Minor in Education

An undergraduate minor in education is valuable to anyone interested in providing educational experiences, workplace training or outreach education in their chosen field. Complete an Education Minor online or on campus as part of your undergraduate degree.

Education is about understanding and facilitating learning socially, culturally, environmentally, and personally. It is about self-learning, adult learning, child and adolescent learning, and psychological and social and emotional growth.


What to know about the Education Minor

  • Provides prerequisite knowledge to pursue graduate work in Education and related fields
  • Offers  courses in STEM education, counseling, formal K-20 learning and dual-language learning
  • This minor is intended for non-education majors. It is not part of a licensure program and does not result in a teaching or counseling license. 


Add the Education Minor

For more information, contact Sue Helback at sue.helback@oregonstate.edu.