Minor in Education

Learn how to educate and train others in your field

Build a rewarding career that is centered on providing educational experiences in diverse settings and workplace training in your chosen field by earning an undergraduate minor in education from Oregon State University.

Offered by OSU's College of Education, this program will help you learn how to facilitate learning in social, cultural, environmental and personal contexts. It is designed for non-education majors and provides prerequisite knowledge to pursue graduate work in education and related fields.

The education minor is not part of a licensure program and does not result in a teaching or counseling license.


Gain skills that can be applied to any career

Even if you don’t plan on becoming a classroom teacher in a traditional school setting, pursuing your minor in education will provide you with the knowledge to propel your career in a variety of fields. The education minor can help a public health student more effectively promote healthy behaviors, and it could help a natural resources graduate find work as an environmental educator.



“After taking large science classes and working in science labs, I felt I was missing the human aspect and wanted to interact with people. The education minor had smaller classes with an emphasis on group work and getting to know one another.”

Elena Dupen, OSU botany major and education minor


Add the Education Minor

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