Classroom Ready in Just Four Years!

Turn your passion for education into a rewarding career. The Bachelor of Science in Teaching in Elementary Education program at Oregon State University will enable you to gain the skills and experience necessary for a successful career in elementary education.

Our program focuses on research-based and classroom-tested instructional methods and strategies, child development, emerging technologies, the multicultural classroom, and mastering elementary education content.

The four years you spend with us includes a year-long practicum and student teaching field placement. Plus, we'll help you obtain your teaching license so you can start working upon graduation! 

Why Become a Teacher at Oregon State University?

  • OSU's College of Education creates more teachers than any other institution in the state.

  • Our program is in-person on the Corvallis campus, the largest and most beautiful OSU campus in the state.

  • Our four-year degree program does not require a double degree or additional year like prior option at the Corvallis campus.

  • Our program leads to licensure in Oregon and does not require additional degrees.

  • Our degree program aligns with the Elementary Education Major Transfer Map. Students have the option of completing the first two years of the program at an Oregon community college prior to transferring to OSU.

  • Our program incorporates hand-on learning and mentorship through a year-long practicum and a full year of student teaching.

How Our Program Works:

Years 1-2: Pre-Teaching Requirements and Courses

In your first two years (90 credits) you will complete program prerequisites, OSU general education requirements, and some elective courses to prepare for advanced education coursework before entering the Professional Level of the program.

Use this Pre-Teaching Course Planning Guide for more details on the program requirements and recommended classes.

Years 3-4: Professional Level Requirements and Courses

Once you successfully complete the prerequisite courses, you will apply to the Professional Level (Years 3-4) of the program. If you're applying for just the Professional Level, click here for more information.

During the Professional Level, you will begin a year-long practicum (Year 3) with a cohort of fellow students and begin foundational education courses. During year 4, you will advance to student teaching and take advanced coursework to prepare you for the classroom and getting your teaching license. Students will be placed in a local classroom and take in-person courses while completing student teaching.

Get a feel for what your degree path may look like by viewing the Teaching sample degree plan. Your own plan will differ depending on when you start at OSU and any credits you may have already completed.

Transfer Guides:

Students can complete the Pre-Teaching requirements and courses (first two years) at any community college in Oregon. Use the transfer guides below to help you maximize your time at your current community college or for dual enrollment through the Degree Partnership Program.

Speak with an Advisor?

Starting a new path in life can be confusing, overwhelming... but we're here to help. Make an appointment to speak with our advising staff today and we'll help guide you through the entire process of degree planning and requirements, applying to programs, transferring credits, etc. First year students and prospective students are encouraged to start by meeting with a peer advisor, as well.

Visiting our Advising webpage

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Interested in Financial Aid?

Sign up for ScholarDollars: Current and incoming students may use ScholarDollars to apply for the almost $15 million in donor-funded scholarships available for the 2023-2024 academic year. By applying, you will be considered for over 2,500 OSU scholarship opportunities! 

Education Scholarships: In addition to ScholarDollars, the College of Education maintains over 40+ scholarships for teacher education students totaling over $127,000. Explore these opportunities as well. Click here to learn how you can help us build tomorrow's teachers through your financial support. Deadline: May 1, 2023. 

Some of our College of Education scholarships include:

  • Ella P. Hill & William W. Hearn Scholarship
  • Herbert R. Laslett Memorial Scholarship
  • Denabelle Linville Scholarship
  • Arizona Sawyers Scholarship
  • Herman & Lois Miller Scholarship
  • Hagen Scholarship
  • Olovson Family Scholarship
  • Dr. Daniel D. Anstine Memorial Scholarship
  • VanHoy-DeRaeve Scholarship
  • Dick and Barbara Moon Scholarship
  • Julaine and Gary Wildish Education Scholarship
  • The Earl Nicholas and Margaret Tate Anderson Student Teaching Fund
  • The Herbert R. and Leota L. Laslett Teacher Education Scholarship