For specific information about Licensure, please schedule a visit with the Office of Licensure & Field Services.

What is teacher licensure?

Each state in the U.S. sets its own teacher licensure or certification requirements to ensure that every teacher candidate is well qualified in specified areas called “teaching standards” (such as subject matter knowledge, teaching methods, and classroom management).  In Oregon, the Teacher Standards and Practices Commission (TSPC) has adopted administrative rules which have the force of law and through the enforcement of these rules assures the public and students that licenses are awarded only to those who have met high standards for educator quality.
The College of Education works closely with TSPC to ensure students are ready for the classroom by reporting on completion of licensure requirements.  The Education Double Degree is designed as a teacher licensure prepatation program, providing the experiences and guidance needed for licensure application.
Most states will temporarily accept a teaching license from another state as a basis to issue that state’s license while the candidate completes any additional requirements in the new state. No state allows a teacher to work on the out-of-state license prior to receiving the new state’s license.

What is an authorization level?

Teaching licenses are issued to candidates who are “authorized” to teach at certain grade levels. Oregon teacher preparation programs have been designed to prepare candidates for the unique learning needs of children of all developmental age levels.

TSPC is currently revising the teacher licensure grade authorizations. Teacher candidates are encouraged to choose the subject areas they wish to teach and focus on learning to teach children at the grade levels they are most interested in teaching.

What is an endorsement?

An endorsement is the subject matter (content area) or specialty field (such as english for speakers of other languages, music, or physical education) in which an individual is licensed to teach.  In partnership with Colleges across Oregon State University, the Education Double Degree offers endorsement areas in a variety of content areas and through our ESOL/Bilingual Endorsement Program.
Endorsements are part of an Initial I Teaching License program.  Additional endorsements can be added to your license later.

What are the types of teaching licenses in Oregon?

TSPC is currently revising the types of teaching licenses.  Please talk to an Education Double Degree Advisor for the latest information.
The Initial I Teaching License is awarded at the completion of a TSPC approved baccalaureate, post-graduate or master’s teacher preparation program. The license will specify both the specific grade authorization levels and subject-matter endorsements for which the candidate qualifies. The Initial I Teaching License may be renewed two times for three years upon showing progress toward completion of renewal requirements.  Initial I Teaching License holders must qualify for the three-year renewable Initial II Teaching License or the five-year renewable Continuing Teaching License by the expiration of two renewal cycles.
The Initial II Teaching License is awarded to Initial I Teaching License holders who have shown progress in continuing education at the graduate level.  For bachelor's degree preparation programs like the Education Double Degree, the TSPC requires completion of a master's degree, similar advanced degrees, or an equivalent load of coursework as they have defined.  Oregon State University assists in facilitating this requirement by offering the online Master's of Education degree.
The Continuing Teaching License (CTL) is a mark of advanced educational achievement, requiring an applicant to meet all requirements of the Initial I and Initial II Teaching Licenses, hold an approved master’s or advanced degree, have taught at least five years, and completed a Continuing Teaching License program or equivalent as defined by the TSPC.


What tests are required for the Education Double Degree?

Two exams are required;

  1. Protecting Student and Civil Rights in the Educational Environment. (Taken after completing TCE 219)
  2. Subject area exams. Pass by June 1. Confirm with advisor before taking.

For more information, please consult the Major Sheet and talk to an Education Double Degree Advisor.