All teacher licensure candidates must complete the following prerequisites:

Before applying:

Take appropriate content courses as shown on the Content Knowledge Forms. Note: It is possible to finish content courses after applying but before beginning the program. These courses should be noted on the Content Knowledge Form included in your application.

Before August 1st:

  • Science Education students must take SED 413 (Inquiry in Science and Science Education). Math Education students must take SED 414 (Inquiry in Mathematics and Mathematics Education) or a similar course at another institution. Transfer students please contact Carol McKiel (
  • ED 309/409 (or the equivalent at another institution) OR 40 hours of documented activity with middle or high school students and 10 hours of classroom observation at the grade level and in the subject you want to teach.
  • A course in Adolescent Psychology (ex. ED 253, ED 411, ED 412, HDFS 313, HDFS 229 at Linn-Benton Community College, or a similar course at another institution)
  • Content-specific teacher tests: The ORELA exam(s) for the endorsement you seek. (Note: The Middle Grades General Science exam is not relevant for this program)
  • General teacher test: Protecting Student and Civil Rights in the Educational Environment exam is, by law, to be completed before the start of the program. Please meet with Program Lead after acceptance to verify which tests you need.  [PLEASE NOTE: The Civil Rights Exam requirement has been suspended until further notice. For more information, please contact Missy Kloos at]
  • Fingerprinting and background check, by law, to be completed before the start of the program. Scroll down on the webpage to find information.

For more information, contact Student Services at or 541-737-4661, or stop in at 104 Furman Hall.