The content mastery sheet is a course guide for program completion and endorsement preparation.  The courses identified for these sheets are aligned with state and national standards for the content area you wish to teach. 


How to use these sheets

For Double Degree (DD) students: upon declaring Pre-Education (major code 232), and your option (Advisor will give you the code) you will see the courses you need to complete in mydegrees in order to finish your education option.

All students should download the content sheet that corresponds with the subject they wish to teach then can use this sheet as a guide as there are other suggested courses not listed in mydegrees (DD).  Course changes may occur due to changes in state standards; it is important to be in communication with your Education advisor at least once per academic year.  Depending on your primary major, you may see that many of these courses can be accomplished through your primary major's curriculum.  Many students also draw on their course offerings in the Baccalaureate Core to attend to the various standards for your content area. Classes not listed in the option but suggested on the content mastery sheet or courses from other institutions can be replaced by petition.

For Master's (MS and MAT) Students: Download the content sheet that corresponds with the subject you wish to teach.  Use this sheet as a guide and review with your advisor for guidance on past courses completed.  

Please pay attention to the credit requirement in each standard, as many courses may be listed to satisfy the standard, but you are not expected to take every course listed.  Take courses that will satisfy the standard.

As you complete courses that satisfy the standards, record the course number, the number of credits, the term you took it, and the grade you received.  This form will be integral to your application into the Professional Level/ Student Teaching Cohort program or the Masters Program and again when you commence student teaching.  We suggest you bring your content sheet with you to your advising appointments with your primary major advisor and with your Education advisor (DD).

**Note that for admission to the Professional Level/ Student Teaching Cohort and the Master’s Program is a 3.0 or higher in the content courses.  All courses must be passed with a C- or above.


Endorsements for MS AND Double Degree

Advanced Mathematics

Foundational Mathematics



Integrated Science



Double Degree Only

Elementary Multiple Subjects

Family and Consumer Sciences


Language Arts

Social Studies


MAT Only

Elementary Core Content


If you have trouble downloading these, contact student services at [email protected] for a copy to be sent to you.