Am I eligible for the Ph.D. program? 

Here are the application program requirements:, and OSU Graduate School requirements:

For details regarding international admissions, you can visit:  

Can I still work and get an Education PhD? 

Yes! A number of our students work full or part-time while they are pursuing their degree. The program attempts to schedule required coursework on only a few days a week and often in later afternoons in order to accommodate those who are working. 

Do I have to attend full-time? 

No! Many students enroll part-time throughout their PhD program. 

Can I get an Education PhD online? 

The Education PhD at OSU is designed as a campus-based program, located in Corvallis, Oregon. We do not offer our core courses in an on-line format, however some elective courses in the College of Education and across campus may be offered on-line or in a hybrid format.  

Is a GRE score required for application? 

Our program does not require a GRE. 

Will I be required to submit TOEFFEL? Do I need to submit a TOEFL? Will demonstration of my English proficiency be waived? 

OSU Graduate School makes that determination based on transcripts and other application materials that are submitted with an application. Information is available on the graduate school website. Exceptions to English language testing for a number of English speaking countries are listed. 

Can I apply to enroll in for winter/spring/summer term?   

Students are accepted into the program one time per year, for matriculation the following fall term. The applications portal opens mid-September for the admission for the following Fall. The priority deadline to be considered for admission and funding is December 1.  The regular deadline for admissions decisions is January 2, 2023. 

Do I need a faculty sponsor in order to apply?  

We do not require you to have a faculty sponsor during the admissions process because the decisions are made collectively by the faculty.  If one of our faculty’s research areas resonates with you, you should focus on that connection in your admission application essay. You can also name potential faculty mentors in your application, but faculty still assign Major Professors after admission.  

Will funding be available in the form of Graduate Teaching or Research Assistantship?  

The College of Education offers a few graduate teaching and research assistantships based on a number of factors, such as what funding is available, if the student has research interest in an area that aligns with one of our faculty, faculty advising capacity, grant funding parameters, among other things. GA placements are determined by the faculty once students are accepted into the program.  Other GA positions are often available through an application process with administrative units throughout the university. 

To be considered for a graduate research or teaching assistantship or a fellowship, please submit an application by December 1. (The final deadline for applicants not seeking an assistantship or fellowship is January 2). Only those applications with all the required documents at the deadline will be considered by the faculty. If your application is missing a reference letter or transcript, the faculty will not review it. 

Can I use transfer credits from my Master’s program? 

Yes, the Graduate School may approve up to 39 credits to be transferred towards your Education PhD degree, depending on the option you are focusing on (AgEd, LEEP, Sci/Math Ed) and a number of other factors. Review the Graduate School’s information on transfer credits for more information.