Education Ph.D. student learning outcomes


  • Produce and defend an original significant contribution to knowledge
  • Demonstrate mastery of subject material

  • Conduct scholarly or professional activities in an ethical manner

  • Use meaningful and relevant literature to better understand and investigate questions in research within the student’s chosen option
  • Critically evaluate key social science research to construct arguments which further the understanding of research in the student’s chosen option

  • Synthesize a coherent point of view using evidence-based and theoretical arguments relevant to questions in research of the student’s chosen option 

For course descriptions see the Graduate School catalog.

Core Curriculum:

  • ED 620 Research and Epistemologies (3 credits)

  • ED 622 Qualitative Research Techniques (3 credits) 

  • ED 624 Quantitative Research Design and Critical Analysis (3 credits)

  • ED 607 Seminar (taken first year: fall, winter, and spring terms, 1 credit/term)

  • ED 609 or SED 615 Practicum (minimum 3/maximum 9 credits)

Additional courses:

  • 2 additional methods courses on advanced research methods 
    (Possible courses include methodology courses offered by options other than the student’s chosen open or other courses offered within other OSU departments such as STAT 511, 512, 513; ANTH 591, 596, 598; CHE 599; FES 522, 523; HDFS 538, 539, 630; PSY 580; SOC 518) 

  • Elective courses approved by the student’s Major Professor and doctoral committee. Available courses include other option coursework that is not the student’s chosen option; advanced courses from departments across the university; or coursework completed for a master’s degree or equivalent. 

  • ED 603 Dissertation (minimum 36 credits)

Option Required Content:  

Agricultural Education

Language, Equity and Educational Policy

Science/Mathematics Education