Ryan Reese

Assistant Professor
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Office: 541-322-2021

Graduate & Research Center

Graduate & Research Center 115

650 SW Columbia Street

650 SW Columbia Street
Bend, OR 97701
PhD, Counseling & Counselor Education, University of North Carolina, Greensboro
MEd/EdS, School Counseling & Guidance, University of Florida
BS, Biopsychology, Western Washington University
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When he is not working with students, clients, or writing, Dr. Reese enjoys fishing for steelhead and salmon, white water rafting, and exploring the Oregon Coast.


Dr. Ryan Reese is an instructor of Teacher and Counselor Education at OSU-Cascades. Dr. Reese co-developed the construct of EcoWellness, the extent to which individuals perceive wellness through their connections with nature. He developed the Reese EcoWellness Inventory and has tested the instrument’s initial validity and reliability. He is currently preparing several research and conceptual manuscripts from his dissertation research. Dr. Reese’s other scholarly interests include counselor professional identity and community-based interventions that target child and adolescent development.

Dr. Reese teaches a range of courses including Counseling Theories I, Pre-Practicum, Practicum, Developmental Perspectives in Counseling, Cross-Cultural Counseling, and Group Counseling. 

Clinically, Dr. Reese works with children, adolescents, and adult males. He is interested in how different aspects of nature can be integrated into traditional counseling settings to promote wellness across the lifespan. Dr. Reese is also interested in the application of Relational Cultural Theory in his work with clients.  


Reese, R. F., Myers, J. E., Lewis, T. F., & Willse, J. T. (under review). Construction and initial validation of the Reese ecowellness inventory. Measurement & Evaluation in Counseling & Development.

Reese, R. F., Lewis, T. F., Myers, J. E., Wahesh, E., & Iversen, R. (in press). Nature relatedness and holistic wellness:  An exploratory study. Journal of Humanistic Counseling. 

Reese, R. F., Young, J. S., & Hutchinson Jr., G. A. (2013). Preparing counselors-in-training for private practice:  A course in clinical entrepreneurship. The Professional Counselor. 

Reese, R. F., & Myers, J. E. (2012). EcoWellness:  The missing factor in holistic wellness models. Journal of Counseling & Development, 90, 400-406.

Brubaker, M., D., Puig, A., Reese, R. F., & Young, J. (2010). Actively engaging hearts and minds: How teaching emancipatory communitarianism can impact students in a counseling theories course. Counselor Education & Supervision, 50(2), 88-102. 

Wingfield, R. J., Reese, R. F., & West-Olatunji, C. A. (2010). Counselors as leaders in schools. Journal of Educational Administration & Policy 4(1), 114-130. 

Selected Presentations

Willis, B. T., & Reese, R. F. (2013, October). Critical transformation:  Using student critical incidents as a catalyst for counselor development. Association for Counselor Education and Supervision Annual Conference, Denver, CO.

Hope, K., & Reese, R. F. (2013, October). Facilitating social justice awareness:  Expanding counselor educator strategies in challenging environments. Association for Counselor Education and Supervision Annual Conference, Denver, CO.

Stroud, D., Biles, K., Ford, A., Kelley, K., Donaldson, C., & Reese, R. F. (2013, October). Innovative clinical mental health and school counseling practica:  Researching process and outcomes. Association for Counselor Education and Supervision Annual Conference, Denver, CO.

Reese, R. F., Martin-Adkins, M., & Lewis, L. (2012, November). Keepin’ it real:  Authenticity as counselor educators. Western Association of Counselor Education & Supervision Conference, Portland, OR. 

Wahesh, E., & Reese, R. F. (2012, March). An exploratory study of nature-relatedness and substance use. American Counseling Association Annual Conference, San Francisco, CA. 

Reese, R. F., & Myers, J. E. (2012, February). EcoWellness:  Theory, evidence, and applications. North Carolina Counseling Association Annual Conference, Greensboro, NC. 

Reese, R. F., & Iversen, R. (2012, February). Relationships between nature and holistic wellness. North Carolina Counseling Association Annual Conference, Greensboro, NC.