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Instructor-led training, online certificates, and courses to enhance your skills as educators across diverse groups and settings. 

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E-Learning Certificate

This comprehensive program provides you with broad exposure to principles and applications of e-learning and instructional design.

It offers research and practice-based insight into:

  • Developing effective e-learning courses
  • Using instructional technology to develop curriculum that motivates and engages the learner
  • Applying instructional design theories or models and building technical skills that apply to a variety of e-learning settings.

What you should know about becoming an Instructional Designer 

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Informal Learning Certificate: For Museum, Zoo, Aquarium or Community Teaching Professionals

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Informal learning is all about deciding what, where and how we want to learn over the course of our lifetimes. It's the learning that takes place all the time, outside of the classroom, no matter how young or old you are. This certificate is based on the Contextual Model of Learning is a conceptual framework that posits that learning is influenced by the interaction of time and variables within three contexts: personal, sociocultural, and physical. 

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LXD: Free Intro to UX/UI for Experience Design

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In this introductory course, we begin developing our knowledge of user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) design, and then look at important aspects of Learning Experience Design and how these basic concepts intersect and combine to create a holistic framework for designing powerful learning experiences.

Visual Design for E-Learning

Effective visual design reduces cognitive load, improves retention, and increases learner engagement. In this introductory-level course, you’ll learn simple graphic design principles, then practice applying these principles as you create charts, diagrams, infographics and learning materials for e-learning. 

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Learning Experience Design Certificate

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Oregon State University is at the forefront of online education, and our renowned College of Education has been working with educators in Oregon and beyond for almost one hundred years. This program is built off of our popular E-Learning Instructional Design and Development Certificate and will allow you to develop next-level skills to advance your online education materials.

In this program you will:

  • Learn essential insights on LX Design and how it differs from other approaches
  • Research strategies and methods to engage your learners in a lifelong process of continuing their education

  • Cover the latest trends and tools in e-learning that are changing the ways we think of online education and engaging with our learners
  • Investigate UX/UI approaches as they relate to online education and consider how you can integrate these into your own materials


Articulate Storyline Introduction 

Course Date options:In this six-week course, you’ll learn to build interactive, online modules using Articulate Storyline and Rise. The course is based on constructionist learning theory; you will learn through experimentation as you design a course using content of your choice. You’ll be supported by excellent learning resources and tutorials, feedback from your peers, and personalized guidance from your instructor.

While the focus of this course is on learning the mechanics of Storyline and Rise, you will also apply and discuss best practices for eLearning including effective use of audio, accessibility, gamification strategies, and mobile-friendly design.

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For more information on this course please contact Chelsey Lynne @ [email protected]

A Teacher's Journey to Anti-Racism: A Self-Paced Seminar

Open Enrollment | $98

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Considering the current and ongoing challenges we face as a nation with regard to racial justice, this antiracist seminar for professional teachers allows an opportunity to take this journey alongside experts who have lived experiences confronting racism in the educational system.

  • Supporting teachers as they seek to become critical, antiracist educators.
  • Explore how antiracist perspectives and actions can be incorporated into our curriculum design by applying strategies that promote understanding as we interact with students, parents, and members of our communities.
  • With an awareness of how racism impacts success and belonging for students of color, we will work together to deepen our learning through reflection and connection while we develop antiracist pedagogical knowledge and practice. 
  • For questions about any of these programs please contact; Chelsey Lynne, Manager of Professional Development for Educators, [email protected]
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