Articulate Course Series

This course series is based on constructionist learning theory; you will learn as you “play, pull, create and explore”. This is not guided, step-by-step instruction (although if you’re looking for that, there are linked tutorials that do provide step-by-step instruction); instead, you will learn through experimentation. Your peers and instructor will provide supportive feedback and resources.

You will receive a certificate for completing each course. You’ll also complete original projects that make great portfolio pieces.

Each course is asynchronous and fully online. There are no required face-to-face or virtual meeting times. Coursework is designed to take approximately 5 hours of work per week. However, please note that this is the amount of time needed to meet the basic requirements for each activity. Learners often choose to invest more time in their projects.


Course 1: Introduction to Articulate Storyline & Rise

This course is designed as an introduction to Articulate Storyline and Rise. However, there is enough flexibility in the course design to support learners who have Storyline or Rise experience, but wish to expand their learning. Each module includes tips for those just getting started, as well as suggestions for learners who are ready for more of a challenge.

Course topics:

  • Articulate Storyline interface
  • Publishing and sharing Storyline modules
  • Interactive elements
  • Using templates
  • Introduction to Articulate Rise
  • Quiz options in Storyline
  • Course navigation options
  • Introduction to variables and conditions
  • Accessibility best practices


Course 2: Advanced Articulate Storyline

In this course, you’ll expand your skills by exploring Articulate Storyline’s more advanced features. Each week, you’ll have a choice of two learning activities. If you would like to maximize your learning, you may complete both.

Course topics:

  • Tab interaction
  • Customized feedback layer
  • Labeled graphic interaction
  • Interaction using text variables
  • Software simulation
  • Interaction using true/false variables
  • Drag and drop interaction
  • Interaction using number variables
  • Scenario interaction
  • Gamification techniques
  • Revisit previous project
  • eLearning game


Course 3: Articulate Storyline Practicum

In this workshop-style course, you will build out a Storyline module using content of your choice. You should enter the course with a well-developed content plan including learning objectives, content aligned to the objectives, and a plan for learning interactions and assessment.

Course structure:

  • Draft storyboard
  • Refine storyboard
  • Draft visual design
  • Build out first 1/3 of course
  • Build out second 1/3 of course
  • Finalize course
  • Test with users
  • Reflect on learning
  • Learners will receive feedback at each stage from the instructor as well as peers.

To be successful in this program, you need:

  • access to the Internet
  • access to Articulate Storyline & Rise (see Purchasing Options)
  • to be able to manage documents, files, folders, downloads, installations of software, etc.
  • to be able to apply your knowledge of learning design principles
  • If you are a Mac user, you should know that Articulate Storyline can’t be run directly on a Mac. See this article for running Storyline in virtual environments. 


If you have questions about the courses, please contact the instructor, Jo Baker, at [email protected].

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