Here are some questions we receive often from students.  If you have a question for which you'd like an answer, please don't hesitate to email us at:  For some helpful external links, click here.

I think I've missed some important emails because I've not been on the Pre-Education list-serv.  How do I sign up?

You can sign up for the pre-education list-serv here!

Can I just major in Education, or do I really need to major in something else, too?

With the OSU Double Degree program, we require that you have a primary major in another subject area.  This helps ensure future educators have a solid foundation in the content area they wish to teach.  This will typically (may differ with some majors) mean that students will have their first, or primary, degree totaling 180 credits.  To get a second degree at OSU, you need at least 32 credits.  Therefore, the credit mark we look for when a student is preparing to graduate from the Double Degree program is 212.

How can I complete the pre-education requirement for 60 hour of classroom experience?

You can complete these hours for credit through ED 309, a three credit course which is offered every term and allows you to complete observation hours in a local classroom spread over ten weeks.  ED 309 is graded as pass/fail.  This course requires an override that can only be permitted once a student has completed a background check at least one month before registration.  Forms can be found in Furman 104.

Students can also choose to arrange their own 60 hours of volunteer experience in a public school classroom with the age group they hope to teach.  This must be verified with a letter from the school or teacher.

What is the Content Mastery sheet?

The Content Mastery sheet is a list of courses at OSU that provide content knowledge in the content area, or subject, you wish to teach.  Content mastery sheets tend to align with the major most related to a particular endorsement (i.e. the content mastery sheet for someone looking to teach Language Arts will see that there is significant overlap with the English major).  You must attain at least a C- in each class that is required for your content mastery.  Content mastery courses should not be taken for an S/U grade. 

Can I get my special education endorsement through this program?

The OSU Double Degree program does not have the ability to grant special education endorsements, as we do not have the course availability to do so.  For students who want to do the OSU Double Degree and get a special education endorsement, we will often advise students to complete that endorsement as part of their graduate coursework.

I am almost finished with the program. What do I need to do to get my license?

Refer to the Licensure webpage for more information.

I completed a background check through another institution. Do I need to do the CHV Background Check or Fingerprint process through the College of Education?

Because we need to be able to track the status of your background check clearance, you will need to complete our forms. Background checks are valid for one year and are through Oregon Department of Education. Fingerprints are valid for three years and are processed through TSPC, OSP, and the FBI. More information here.

What should I include in my Cover Letter for my student teaching application?

The cover letter should be one page long. This document is an introduction to potential cooperating teachers. Each cover letter is as unique as its author, but below are a few items you could consider including:

  • A quick story about why you chose to become a teacher
  • Details about personal interests that make you unique

Remember to keep the message positive, and to proofread it before submitting (consider asking a friend to read it over for you to double-check for spelling/grammatical corrections and overall readability).