edTPA stands for Teacher Performance Assessment, and is a performance based assessment that replaces the work-sample in Oregon, starting the 2015-16 school year. All teaching programs in the State of Oregon will be required to have their teacher candidates (student teachers) submit an edTPA portfolio (new work sample) to be assessed at a national level by third party scorers.

edTPA was developed under the leadership of the Stanford Center for Assessment, Learning, and Equity (SCALE), in partnership with the American Association of College for Teachers of Education (AACTE).  Pearson is the organization that receives submissions and scores the portfolios.

All programs

  • The edTPA portfolio consists of 3 to 5 lessons presented over 3 to 5 consecutive hours of instruction plus associated artifacts and commentary.

  • All students will need to record their teaching.

    • Double Degree: You will need to submit 20 minutes of video and will be asked to record at least 40 minutes. 

    • MS: Candidates will record the entire learning segment from which they will extract two unedited 10-minute video clips (Science Education) or one or two unedited video clips totaling 15 minutes (Math Education)

  • All video is used for scoring purposes and faculty and student improvement of teaching.

  • All materials will be submitted on Taskstream. Taskstream is an online assessment system that can be accessed by cooperating teachers, supervisors and students to complete observations, and submit edTPA materials.

  • Be recording video of their teaching throughout the year.

 Double Degree Program

  • Teacher Candidates will complete a formative edTPA portfolio in the fall due by mid-Dec and a summative edTPA due end of April.

  • New observation form that is aligned with the criteria for edTPA portfolio.

  • New dispositions form to ensure your teacher candidate is meeting professional standards.

Master of Science in Education Program

  • Portfolios will be submitted to Pearson for official scoring (via Taskstream).  For 2017-2018, the deadline for submitting a portfolio to Pearson is 11:59 PM PST, February 15, 2018, however, you MUST first register with Pearson no later than 11:59 PM PST February 13, 2018.

Video of Teaching

Oregon State University will be using a release form designed by the ODE and TSPC to be given to students for recording of teaching. Teacher candidates are expected to follow their cooperating school’s policies and protocols for obtaining the necessary parental/guardian permission or to place those children without permission off-camera.  The video submitted by each teacher candidate will not contain the candidate’s name, the names of the cooperating teacher, school or district, or the last names of the students. Each teacher candidate must agree in advance that the video cannot be shared, posted publicly, or used for any other purpose without additional permission.


Sara Wright, edTPA coordinator
[email protected]