COUN 511 COUNSELING PRE-PRACTICUM (4) Develop competencies in basic counseling skills and processes.

COUN 512 PRACTICUM IN COUNSELING (8) Designed to develop competencies in basic skills, facilitative dimensions, and counseling process. Self-critique, peer-critique, and supervisor-critique of videotaped interview. Students spend five hours a week at a field placement, over the course of two quarters.

COUN 529 DEVELOPMENTAL PERSPECTIVES IN COUNSELING (4) A study of affective, behavioral, cognitive, physical, and moral development for human growth and maturation.

COUN 534 SOCIAL AND CULTURAL PERSPECTIVES IN COUNSELING (4) This course examines social and cultural factors effecting counseling. More specifically, it examines oppression, social justice, advocacy, and their relationship to the counseling profession.

COUN 535 ADDICTION THEORIES, PREVENTION, AND TREATMENT (4) Techniques for addictive behavior assessment and counseling. Specific addictions covered include substance abuse, gambling, and eating disorders.

COUN 542 COUNSELING IDENTITY, PRACTICE, AND ETHICS (4) Provides the foundation for becoming a counselor and explores the psychological and philosophical ramifications of the counselor in a changing world.

COUN 553 THEORIES AND TECHNIQUES OF COUNSELING I (4) Counseling theories, methods, and skills of helping relationships. First course of two part sequence.

COUN 554 THEORIES AND TECHNIQUES OF COUNSELING II (4) Counseling theories, methods, and skills of helping relationships. Second course of two part sequence.

COUN 561 INTRODUCTION TO RESEARCH METHODS IN EDUCATION (4) Explains quantitative and qualitative research methods in education; classroom action research and understanding of the fundamental statistical procedures used in the interpretation and use of research studies.

COUN 565 ASSESSMENT AND APPRAISAL IN COUNSELING (4) Development of framework for understanding the individual and methods for data gathering and assessment.

COUN 566 LIFESTYLE AND CAREER DEVELOPMENT (4) Major approaches to career development.

COUN 572 GROUP WORK FOR PROFESSIONAL COUNSELORS (4) A conceptual and experiential introduction to the group counseling modality.

COUN 573 INTRODUCTION TO FAMILY COUNSELING (4) Overview of the major theoretical approaches to family counseling.

COUN 574 CRISIS, SUICIDE, GRIEF, AND THREAT INTERVENTIONS FOR COUNSELORS (4) Theory and pragmatics of crisis, trauma and grief counseling are addressed.

COUN 576 DIAGNOSIS AND TREATMENT: APPLIED PSYCHOPATHOLOGY AND PSYCHOPHARMACOLOGY (4) Addresses the principles of diagnosis of psychopathology and the use of current diagnostic tools, including the current edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM).

COUN 583 SOCIAL JUSTICE, DIVERSITY, AND ADVOCACY IN THE COUNSELING PROFESSION (4) Social and psychological variables influencing the cross-cultural counseling relationship. Social and psychological experiences of selected subcultures. Relevant assessment instruments and current literature, methods and outcome studies.



COUN 515 COUNSELING INTERNSHIP (15) Culminating field experience of the Master of Counseling program. Students spend 20-25 hours a week at a field placement, over the course of 3 quarters at minimum.

COUN 521 PROFESSIONAL PRACTICE IN CLINICAL MENTAL HEALTH COUNSELING (3)  Evaluates occupational, legal, and ethical aspects of professional counseling practice.

COUN 550 FOUNDATIONS OF MENTAL HEALTH COUNSELING (3) Explores the foundations of clinical mental health counseling including role and function, history and philosophy, credentialing and licensure, reimbursement, and right to practice.

COUN 593 INTRODUCTION TO CLINICAL SUPERVISION AND CONSULTATION (4) Connects supervision and consultation to clinical mental health counselors’ practice and development. Discusses major models and approaches of supervision and consultation.




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