Is your district interested in partnering with Oregon State?

OSU MAT program is interested in partnering with more districts in Oregon. The OSU MAT and its district partners have a proven track record of developing and preparing teacher candidates for the rigors of classroom teaching. We aim to develop highly competent teachers who are more likely to stay in your district.

Evidence of the relationship between clinically oriented teacher preparation programs and in­creased efficacy for beginning teachers is growing (Castle & Reilly, 2011). Teachers who are trained through residency programs report feeling more prepared than teachers who participated in traditional student teaching. Specifically, residency teachers said they were better prepared to create lesson plans, assess students, use various instructional methods, select and adapt curricula, talk with families, and manage classroom or discipline situations (Silva, McKie, Knechtel, Gleason, & Makowsky, 2014). Principals also report that beginning teachers who have participated in residency programs are more effective than other new teachers in classroom instruction, using data to inform instruction, establishing a positive classroom environment, and demonstrating professionalism and leadership qualities (National Center for Teacher Residencies, 2016). 


If your district is interested in pursuing a clinically-based elementary education program, please email [email protected] 


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