Ment2Teach is a mentorship program for New to Oregon State students who are interested in pursuing a career in education. Newly declared education majors can opt-in at any time to participate!

Our program has been proudly funded in-part through the Women's Giving Circle Grant since our start in 2023. The goal of Ment2Teach is to assist new students with connecting and networking within the College of Education and to assist with referring students to resources on and off-campus to make certain that there is comprehensive support for our future educators!


We're here for you... student to student!

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Building Connections

In our inaugural year, Ment2Teach mentors connected with more than 70 students new Oregon State University!

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Different Background & Interests

Mentors come from both our Elementary and Secondary Teaching programs and have different interests including Language Arts, Social Studies, Math and Science.

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Support... and Fun!

Ment2Teach holds an exclusive event each term. Last year, we did pumpkin painting, bowling, and a trivia night. More than 65 students participated in these events!


It's a program where new students get paired with a peer in the College of Education to assist them with the transition to college life at Oregon State University. Students meet with their mentor once per term and gain access to Ment2Teach exclusive events.

Who can participate? Any newly declared College of Education students and/or students who are pursuing an education option in their current major.

We recommend joining one the day that you declare your major so that we can get you connected with a mentor as soon as possible.

Our mentorship program is the best way to build connections and belonging in the College of Education at Oregon State University. Students get personalized support and resource referrals to assist them during their time in our programs!

When you submit your intake form to declare an education major, make sure that you select that you're interested in participating in Ment2Teach. We will use this information to assign you a mentor! You can participate by attending our Ment2Teach events and connecting with your mentor and fellow mentees!

If you have questions or would like to participate in Ment2Teach, please contact Thomas Shelly: [email protected]