Summer Term

COUN 665 Publication Methods in Counselor Education (3 credits)

COUN 696 Counselor Education (3 credits)

Fall Term

COUN 662 Counselor Education Quantitative Research Methods I (3 credits)

COUN 681 Advanced Diversity and Social Justice in Counselor Education (3 credits)


Winter Term

COUN 612 Research Methods in Education (3 credits)

COUN 618 Practicum A in Counseling (3 credits)


Spring Term

COUN 618 Practicum B in Counseling (3 credits)

COUN 663 Counselor Education Quantitative Research Methods II (3 credits)



Summer Term

COUN 616 University Teaching (3 credits)

COUN 618 Practicum C in Counseling (3 credits)


Fall Term

COUN 671 Advanced Group Counseling (3 credits)

COUN 697 Counselor Supervision (3 credits)


Winter Term

COUN 617 Advanced Counselor Supervision (3 credits)

COUN 664 Counselor Education Quantitative Research Methods III (3 credits)


Spring Term

COUN 613 Research Analysis and Interpretation in Education (3 credits)

COUN 667 Advanced Assessment in Counseling (3 credits)



Summer Term

COUN 668 Advanced Career and Consultation (3 credits)


Distributed Throughout

COUN 603 Thesis (36 credits)

COUN 619 Internship in Counseling (7 credits)

Registration will vary according to student opportunities, needs and pacing.  Completion of the program in three years is not guaranteed.  Students typically take from three to five years to complete.

Please note that this schedule is subject to possible change.



Misty De Lei, Counseling Program Lead

[email protected]