There is significant research being done at OSU's College of Education

Science/Mathematics Education Doctoral Program

This program aims to develop scholars in the fields of science and mathematics education who make significant contributions to the body of knowledge describing and analyzing the work in learning in a variety of settings, teacher education, curriculum development, educational technology, professional development, assessment, free-choice/non-formal education, and college teaching.

Language, Equity, and Education Policy

This program aims to prepare candidates to assume various positions in post-secondary education, leadership in community education, faculty positions in colleges or university, or  teacher education programs.  Working with faculty advisors, candidates create and implement a program of study that provides comprehensive knowledge of research with bi/multilingual communities, equity in education contexts, and educational policies.

Agricultural Education

The Agricultural Education option’s primary focus is to prepare candidates to assume leadership/faculty positions in university agricultural education programs. Candidates develop an individual program of study that provides a strong theoretical foundation and practical research experience in some area of interest in agricultural education.

Learn about our research in a variety of different areas, that are then translated into changes and improvements upon curriculum in the college.