Counseling students

Coursework is typically completed after two full years of part-time attendance. The remaining 7 credits of internship (630 hours) and 36 credits of dissertation take anywhere from 1 to 3 additional years. The median completion time is 48 months.

The minimum requirements for the Doctoral degree are a Master of Counseling or closely related field with a minimum GPA of 3.0. Academic background, personal and emotional suitability, volunteer or paid experience in the helping professions, and the educational and professional goals of each candidate are evaluated before admission is granted. Screening includes, but is not limited to, three letters of recommendation, one of which must come from a current or recent clinical supervisor, and a writing sample. A personal interview is required for those applicants who meet the initial application criteria. 

All information related to applications can be found on the "How to Apply" page.

We do not require the GRE for admission into our program. We believe that there are many other criteria that will reflect if a candidate is a fit for the program including past academic work, professional and volunteer experience.

A new cohort enters the Doctoral degree program starts every summer quarter. 

Note: International students are not eligible to apply. Due to the hybrid nature of this program (in person and online), international students are unable to obtain an appropriate educational visa. For more information contact International Admissions.

The Doctoral program is 150 credits (including Master’s transfer credits).

Who can I contact about the program?

Ada N. Massa, Program Lead, 541-737-1826, [email protected]