Family and Consumer Science (FACS) educators teach students how to be successful in careers related to foods, apparel design, and human/child development.  Middle and High schools students take FACS courses to learn content, skills and critical thinking in regards to family life and future careers.

Past student teachers have entered this program with a passion to teach kids about life, relationships, and to help them find their career path.

The following categories are taught in our k-12 public and private school system and individuals who care deeply about teaching critical thinkers and problems solvers in Family and Consumer Sciences can focus on the following areas:

Food and Nutrition:Family and Consumer Sciences

Teachers across the state teach students about health and nutrition. Teachers work through the content in an active and engaging setting. They provide the latest in nutritional knowledge, diet analysis, and dialogues on issues related to the food industry and healthy eating. Students then get to use their knowledge through food labs,  hands on engagement, and nutrition technology.

Culinary Arts:

Many FACS teachers are helping their students design and implement businesses to cater food and organize events in their school and community. High school and middle school students learn the basics of food preparation, restaurant management, and service. Many students compete at the state level creating recipes and plating food for judges in the restaurant industry.  

Human Development and Family Studies:

FACS teachers teach child development, human development, teen parenting and run preschools within the high school setting. Educating teens and preteens about parenting, development and developmentally appropriate practice is essential.  The FACS teacher teaches content through hands on interactive curriculum: Baby-Think-it-Over simulations, empathy belly (pregnancy simulation), and working in preschool programs to name a few. 

Family and Consumer Sciences

Human Design and Environment (Apparel and Interior Design):

Many FACS teachers work with students to teach the basics of clothing construction but they also are developing school based businesses and teaching the art of fashion.  Students create their own clothing from basic patterns through fashion made from recycled products. They put on fashion shows, design pattern boards, and make products to send to local and national charities. Students can also learn the art of interior design by using the latest in design technology.

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Local and national organizations that partner with Family and Consumer Sciences in the classroom by donating materials or professional development along with working in the classroom:

Family and Consumer Sciences Across The State