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Oregon State University - Corvallis Counseling Academic Unit offers two graduate degree programs via Ecampus. This unit has offered graduate courses via Extended Campus since 1944 and full graduate degrees via Extended Campus since 1976. A traditional on-campus Master’s with a major in counseling (MCoun) is offered at OSU’s Cascades (in Bend).


OSU-Corvallis and Ecampus offers the following degree programs:


School Counseling: This program leads to a Master of Counseling degree with a major in counseling. Degree graduates are eligible for licensure as a school counselor from TSPC and CACREP. The program is offered in a hybrid format (i.e., a mixture of in-class, synchronous web, and asynchronous web instruction). The in-class portion takes place two Friday/Saturdays each quarter in Wilsonville, OR. 

Clinical Mental Health Counseling: This program leads to Master of Counseling degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. The program is designed for those who want to help people live the quality of life they desire, providing you the theory and practice to deliver professional counseling services in a clinical mental health setting.

PhD: This program leads to a PhD in Counseling. The program is offered in a hybrid format (i.e., a mixture of in-class, synchronous web, and asynchronous web instruction). The in-class portion takes place two weekends each quarter in Portland, OR. The synchronous web portion takes place weekly on Monday (Practicum) and Tuesday or Wednesday (Internship) evenings. The asynchronous web components occur via Canvas. 


OSU-Cascades offers three options for a Master of Counseling degree:

School Counseling (teaching experience/teaching license): This program is designed for students who have already obtained a teaching credential and have at least two years of teaching experience. If you are a licensed teacher, you can be admitted to the master's program and complete the required courses for the Initial and Continuing School Counselor license as a part of your degree.

School Counseling (non-teaching experience): This program is designed for persons without a teaching license or teaching experience. Students must complete the Master of Counseling Degree to be eligible for the Initial School Counselor license. Coursework in this track includes 125 hours of school-based observations and at least 75 hours of direct responsibility for classroom instruction.

Clinical Mental Health Counseling Program: The Clinical Mental Health counseling track is designed for individuals who want to work in community agencies, treatment programs, community colleges, and other counseling centers. Graduate students in the clinical mental health counseling program work in the OSU-Cascades Mental Health Clinic which offers free mental health services to the Central Oregon community.


Contact Information

Ecampus Counseling Programs (MCoun, PhD):

Natalie Charbonneau, MS, CRC, 541-737-1277,


(School Counseling or Clinical Mental Health): Jordon Zardinejad, 541-322-3118