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New grant will support training for teachers of English learners

Oregon State University’s College of Education will provide training for up to 80 Oregon teachers who work with students learning English under a new $2.5 million federal grant.

OSU is partnering with the Beaverton, Bend-La Pine, Springfield, Greater Albany and Corvallis school districts on the five-year project, which is being funded by the U.S. Department of Education Office of Language Acquisition. The first group of teachers will begin the program this summer.

A School Counselor with Street Cred and Clout

Doctoral candidate Holly Thompson knows how to relate to students who come from generational poverty, addiction, abuse and homelessness. She’s been there. “I love those kinds of kids — from families that are a mess,” she says. “I experienced a lot of that, so I’m good at working with this population.”

Currently a counselor at Rowe Middle School south of Portland, Thompson inspires kids to hang tough and get through hard times. “I tell them I did it, so they can, too, and they hear that,” she says. Thompson, who was Oregon’s 2015 School Counselor of the Year, was selected for First Lady Michelle Obama’s Reach Higher Initiative and is president of the Oregon School Counselor Association. The single mother of a 5-year-old son, Thompson will earn her Ph.D. in counseling in spring. Not bad for someone who never thought she’d attend college.