Promoting lifelong learning

Our mission is to enrich lives in the classroom and in communities. Our students will become the next generation of teachers, adult educators, informal educators, counselors and educational leaders. Our faculty’s research helps us understand how people learn and teach. Today's students will support tomorrow's learners.

Welcome back College of Education students!

Whether it is your first year, second year, or more, fall term always brings the fresh feeling of the start of something new. This term, set goals, stay motivated, and learn as much as you can. Remember that our advisors are here to help you with classes, organization, and planning for the future. Set up an appointment today by calling 541-737-4661 or visiting Furman 104.


Ambitious Math and Science Summer Institute

Over 50 math and science teachers, teacher candidates, and teacher leaders flocked to campus for the inaugural 2017 Ambitious Math and Science Summer Institute (AMSSI) on June 27-30, co-sponsored by the College of Science, the College of Education and the Oregon Department of Education.