4H and U

4H and U can offer an online opportunity for individuals interested in developing teaching skills. 4H Extension provides a program for kids and adults to take free short-term classes. Each 4H and U class has four one-hour sessions. Examples of the class topics are art, photography, baking, robotics, painting, language, and graphic design. For more information go to the website for 4H and U.

The teachers for these online sessions are volunteers and can choose the class’s topic and grade level. Individuals interested in teaching with 4H and U but unsure about a topic to teach can get help from the 4H staff. The 4H staff provides planning support for developing the class and training for teaching.  They also offer classroom management ideas and support if needed.

4H and U is an opportunity to build a résumé and provide talking points for future job interviews. For aspiring educators, school principals look for experiences that new teachers bring to the classroom, particularly for online learning. 

Tutoring Experience

4H and U also provides opportunities for OSU students interested in volunteering for tutoring and mentoring K-12 students. 4H is collaborating with school districts across Oregon to provide remote help in K-12 subject areas. In today’s online world, this tutoring can be listed on a résumé as experience with a remote learning environment.

For questions about volunteering with 4H and U without receiving course credit, please contact Dani Castillo-Dávalos with the 4H Extension Services [email protected]

Submit a proposal to teach a course with 4H and U

If you would like to volunteer to help as a tutor or mentor, please contact Dani Castillo-Dávalos directly at [email protected]