The College of Education strives to be an international leader in research and in the preparation of change agents in education and related fields. 


The College of Education develops change agents in the form of researchers, scholars, learning leaders, teachers, and counselors.  Change agents make a difference by promoting innovation, social justice, and lifelong learning.  They prepare citizens who are socially empowered, reflective, innovative, and caring members of our increasingly diverse communities and the world.


Social Justice  

We value social justice in all aspects of our work. All disciplines must be situated in a context of social justice that acknowledges and embraces inclusivity.


We value being and developing leading edge change agents.

Intersection of practice and research

We value the intersection of practice and research by informing our practice with our research and our research with our practice as change agents and educators.


We build reflective practices into all of our work and into the work of students.  We consider the knowledge we have and determine what we don’t know.  We are open to other perspectives.


We consider impact in all of our decision making.  We are change agents in the face of any form of oppression and ask ourselves, “What impact does this decision have on our programs, college, and students?”