Grant support from the Office of the Associate Dean of Research and Faculty Advancement (ADRFA)

The College of Education, Office of the Associate Dean of Reseach and Faculty Advancement can provide grant support in the following ways.


To request pre-award support please complete and submit the Faculty Request for Proposal Development Support

  • Funding Opportunity Announcement: Review for critical elements
  • Facilitate collaboration with Foundation
    • The OSU Foundation has direct contact with funding foundations and will help facilitate your application to grant opportunities offered by these Foundations. Additionally, you may be able to apply when it says "not-for-profits only" if you go through the OSU Foundation. Don’t count it out until you check
  • Create Timeline for proposal preparation and routing/submission by OSSRA
  • Create Checklist of documents to Upload
  • Assist with Outline for the Project
  • Excel budget and justification: Provide PI with drafts, work to finalize items
  • Excel budget and justification: Review PI’s entry before routing and/or submission
  • Proposal review for adherence to call, accessible language, and persuasion.
  • College Peer and technical Review of application (e.g. critique/comment re: research design, rationale, match of project to RFP, proofreading, editing).
  • Biosketches, collaborator documents - Review and edit recommendations to comply with proper format
  • Assistance with uploading proposals to Cayuse or Fastlane
    • Add Kristin Kinman as a Proposal editor at 0% so that she can help with your entry or make corrections
  • Remember that ALL funding proposals must be entered into Cayuse and approved by OSRAA. Make sure that you select KED Education General Ops as the Award Admin Dept.


To request assistance with post-award support, please contact Jana Bouwma-Gearhart

  • Facilitate with OSRAA
  • Provide pre-index support
  • Rebudgetting support
  • Facilitate payment processing to external Grant personnel
  • Facilitate GRA index alignment
  • BennyBuys and supply purchases
  • Grant travel approval and reimbursement
  • New releases and websites for labs
  • Reference for data sources for reports


Requests for Post-Award Support, follow these guiding priorities:

  • Awards involving multiple College personnel
  • Awards that have all/most of the associated indirects going through the College
  • Larger $ awards
  • Awards requiring more complex coordination efforts between partners


Research development funds

Additional funds for research development/professional development may be available.  Please submit your request to Jana Bouwma-Gearhart using this form.