Nancy Staus

Nancy L. Staus is currently a Post-doctoral Research Associate within the College of Education at OSU. Previously, Dr. Staus earned her MS in Conservation Biology and spent 15 years as a biologist at a small non-profit. Within the realm of science education, she is particularly interested in the role of emotion, interest, and attitudes in science learning and how out-of-school science experiences such as ecotourism support the development of ecologically responsible behaviors. Nancy received her PhD in Science Education from Oregon State University.

Tricia Harding

Tricia has spent the past 13 years in non-profit administration – developing collaborative out of school time programs for youth and families in high poverty communities throughout the Portland area. Tricia has extensive project management and collaboration expertise and brings this to her role as the Community Coordinator for this project. Tricia currently lives in North East Portland and received her Master’s in Social Work from Portland State University with a focus on Community Based Practice.  

Faik Ö. Karataş

Faik Ö. Karataş is an Assistant Professor of Chemical/Science Education at Karadeniz Technical University. Some of his current research interests include; problem solving in chemistry and chemical engineering, epistemology of science and engineering, teaching and learning science and engineering in informal settings. Faik will be aiding the Synergies project with quantitative data analysis, as well as designing and implementing a research plan for recruited high school-aged youth to develop a STEM asset map for Parkrose neighborhood of Portland area. Faik earned his BS and MS in Chemical Education from Karadeniz Technical University and his PhD in the College of Education at Purdue University.