Education Double Degree Requirements and Major Sheet

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3.0 GPA is preferred at the point of admission to Professional Level and must be maintained through graduation


Required Courses:
    1.    ED 216 Purpose, Structure & Function of Education in Democracy (3 credits)
           Offered Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer terms.
    2.    ED 219 Civil Rights and Multicultural Issues in Education (3 credits).
           Offered Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer terms.
    3.    ED 253 Learning Across the Lifespan (3 credits). Offered Fall, Winter, and Spring terms.*If you have taken HDFS 311, 313 and 314 with a 3.0 GPA or higher, you do not need to take ED 253.

    4.    ED 309 Field Practicum (3 credits). 60 hours of classroom experience at authorized level. Offered Fall, Winter, and Spring terms. *Course can be waived with approved volunteer experience.

   5.      ED 472 Foundations of ESOL (3 credits). Offered Fall, Winter, and Spring terms.

Exam information can be found at All exams must be passed by April 1st.

  1. Protecting Student and Civil Rights in the Educational Environment. (Take after completing ED 219)
  2. Subject area exams. Confirm with advisor before taking.
  3. Basic Skills Test (or SAT/ACT/GRE) Past test scores are acceptable.
Additional Items:

Students must complete the option courses (content mastery) as designated in mydegrees according to your endorsement area. Classes taken in the option must be passed with a C- or above with an accumulative GPA of 3.0.  GPAs below a 3.0 can be petitioned. See Advisor for further information.

Fingerprinting/Background Check: Deadline February 1st.

Students participating in an approved student teaching licensure program are required to submit application for Fingerprint Clearance through Teacher Standards and Practices Commission, (TSPC) elicensing systems. Application fee is $61 (an additional $10 portal fee may be accessed) payable only through elicensing. It is important when submitting through elicensing to select "Clinical Practices," NOT "Teacher." For up to date info.


  1. One evaluation must come from an educator who has observed you in a formal school setting, attesting to your competence in working with school-age children.  This educator must fill out an online evaluation. Please contact student services in Furman Hall for the link to the evaluation which can be sent to the author of your letter.
  2. A reference letter should be written by someone who can speak to your potential to be an educator. This might be an advisor, professor, coach, club leader, employer, or a former teacher. It cannot be written by a family member. 
Once a candidate has successfully completed ALL of the items listed above and the requirements for their primary major degree, the candidate can apply to the Professional Level/ Student Teaching Cohort by February 1st. Please be in contact with Student Services (541-737-4661) to apply for the Professional Level (student teaching).


[Due February 1 before beginning Program]


Elementary: Kindergarten-Grade 8

Secondary Grade 6-12 


ED 408 Practicum/September Experience (2)

[4 weeks in August-September]

ED 408 Practicum/September Experience (2)  or

[4 weeks in August-September]

ED 409 Practicum (3) ED 409 Practicum (3)
ED 340 Supportive Diff Environments (3) ED 340 Supportive Diff Environments (3)
ED 457 Teaching Elem Math for Understanding (3) ED 412 Learning Styles & Needs in Adolescence(2)
ED 483 Developmental Reading (3)

ED 494 Content Standards & Curr Dev (3)

ED 410 Internship: Part-time Student Teaching (3) ED 410 Internship: Part-time student teaching (3)
ED 407 Seminar (2)  ED 407 Seminar (1)
ED 427 Alternative Assessment (2) ED 427 Alternative Assessment (2)
SED 459 Science and the Nature of Inquiry (3)

ED 425 Curr Implementation in Instr Strat (4)

ED 456 Strategies for Teaching Language Arts and Social Studies (3) ED 493 Reading and literacy (2)
ED 410 Internship: Full-Time St Teaching (10) ED 410 Internship: Full-Time St Teaching (10)
ED 424 Teacher as Reflective Practitioner (2) ED 424 Teacher as Reflective Practitioner (2)

Optional ESOL Endorsement Coursework for K-12 licenses

Three required pre-education courses: ED 472, ED 479, ED 476.

Two required during the Double Degree program: ED 473, ED 410.


After Acceptance Fees
(Fees occasionally change, please contact your program lead for more information.)