Wendy Rose Aaron

Assistant Professor of Mathematics Education
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Office: 541-737-1277

Joyce Collin Furman Hall

Joyce Collin Furman Hall 204E

200 SW 15th Street

200 SW 15th Street
Corvallis, OR 97331
PhD, Mathematics Education, University of Michigan
MA, Mathematics, University of California, Los Angeles
BA, Mathematics, University of California, Santa Cruz
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College of Education
OSU Main Campus
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My research interests involve secondary mathematics instruction and practice-based teacher education.  Related to secondary mathematics instruction, I am interested in studenting, or the work that students do in instruction.  Further, I am interested in how the teacher, students, and mathematical content shape studenting.  By understanding the forces that influence studenting, I am concerned with expanding the opportunities that students have to engage with mathematical ideas and practices.

Related to practice-based teacher education, I am interested in how prospective teachers can be supported in learning how to do ambitious teaching.  Toward this end I have worked with the Geometry Reasoning and Instructional Practices research group at the University of Michigan in the development of LessonSketch (www.lessonsketch.org).  LessonSketch is an online environment for practice-based professional development which allows users to study and create representations of instruction.

To see my latest work, visit www.mathpracticecycle.com.


Selected Publications

Aaron, W., & Herbst, P. (2012). Instructional identities of geometry students.  Journal of Mathematical Behavior, 31, 382-400.

Selected Presentations 

Aaron, W., & Herbst, P. (forthcoming).  Teachers’ and students’ perceptions of classroom discussions.  To be presented at the annual meeting of PME-NA, Kalamazoo, MI.

Crespo, S., Aaron, W., Herbst, P., & Moore-Russo, D. (2012, February).  Designing practice-based math teacher education using virtual and interactive technologies. Presented at the annual meeting of AMTE, Fort Worth, TX.

Aaron, W., Lai, Y., & Bass, H. (2012, January).  Supporting mathematicians teaching teachers
mathematics for K-12 teaching. Presented at the Joint Mathematics Meetings, Boston, MA.

Aaron, W., & Herbst, P. (2011, October). An exploration of “studenting” in high school geometry classrooms. Paper presented at the annual meeting of PME-NA, Reno, NV.

Aaron, W., & Herbst, P. (2010, October). Virtual others: One learner’s mathematical arguments in response to an animated episode of geometry instruction. Paper presented at the annual meeting of PME-NA, Columbus, OH.

Aaron, W. (2008, July). Academic identities of geometry students. Paper presented at the joint meeting of PME 32 and PME-NA XXX, Morelia, Michoacán, Mexico.

Chen, C., Aaron, W., & Steffen, M. (2008, March). Representing classroom interaction and its mathematical work using ThExpians. Poster session presented at the annual meeting of AERA, New York, NY.

González, G., Aaron, W., & Macke, M. (2007, October). They want us to teach constructions too! Isn’t that great? Presented at the Michigan Mathematics Education Leadership Conference, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI.

Ball, D., Aaron, W., Bass, H., Sleep, L., & Thames, M. (2007, May). Learning mathematical knowledge for elementary school teaching at the University of Michigan. Presented at the Critical Issues in Education: Teaching Teachers Mathematics workshop, Mathematical Sciences Research Institute, Berkeley, CA.

Aaron, W., & Herbst, P. (2007, April). The use of animated sketches in constructing narratives of geometry teaching. Paper presented at the annual meeting of AERA, Chicago, IL.

Aaron, W. (2007, February). The figured world of the geometry class. Paper presented at the Student Research Conference, Harvard, MA.

Herbst, P., Chazan, D., González, G., Weiss, M., Sandow, D., Nachlieli, T., Lueke, M., & Aaron, W. (2006, April). Creating and using representations of instruction to probe hypotheses. Presented at the NCTM research presession, St. Louis, MO.


Wendy Rose Aaron is an assistant professor of Mathematics Education in the College of Education at Oregon State University, Corvallis. Early in her schooling she developed an interest in the social interactions within classrooms which grew and crystalized in graduate school as she looked beyond and through her individual experiences to the systematic nature of classroom interactions and how that system constrains some aspects of learning and fosters others.