Michael O’Malley

Senior Instructor
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Office: 541-737-3576

Joyce Collin Furman Hall

Joyce Collin Furman Hall 304E

200 SW 15th Street

200 SW 15th Street
Corvallis, OR 97331
PhD, History of Education, Oregon State University
MEd, Education (History Teaching), Harvard Graduate School of Education
BS, Business Administration, Northeastern University
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College of Education
OSU Main Campus

“I’m a native of Boston,” says Mike O’Malley, a College of Education faculty member. “But I didn’t feel comfortable there, I wanted to get out. I was a prisoner of ethnic and cultural expectations.” So he went away to University of Texas School of Law on a full scholarship in 1985.

After attending law school, Mike returned home, entering Harvard Graduate School of Education and earning his Master’s in Education with an emphasis on History Teaching and Curriculum. After grad school, Mike settled into a rural Appalachian community high school in South Carolina, teaching social studies.

A history fellowship at Stanford University and a National Endowment for the Humanities grant to study the Irish Famine (an Gorta Mor) followed. In 2000, Mike joined the faculty at OSU. He currently teaches in the Double Degree program. His interests include the three Rs – reading, running, and risible activities.

2013 Phyllis S. Lee Award recipient - http://oregonstate.edu/oei/community-awards