Kenneth Winograd

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Ken was on the faculty of the College of Education from 1990-2016. Ken’s elementary teaching career included work in Colorado, Oregon, Norway, and Japan. He has taught all of the elementary grades (minus kindergarten) as well as English as a foreign language. He spent one year as an assistant principal when living in western Colorado. In 1998-99, Ken took a sabbatical and taught a one-three blend at Lincoln School in Corvallis, and he wrote a book about this experience (Good Day/Bad Day: Teaching as a High Wire Act), published in 2006.

A book edited by Ken on critical literacy came out in September, 2014, Critical Literacies and Young Learners: Connections to the Common Core (Routledge), and reflecting his concerns about climate change, he more recently edited a volume on what teachers can do to prepare their students for life on a hotter planet: Education in Times of Environmental Crises: Teaching Children to Be Agents of Change (Routledge, 2016).

Current Work: Ken is currently writing another book on the subject of preparing children and youth for future environmental crises, but this volume’s audience is parents and caregivers.

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