The College of Education offers peer advising, to give you a chance to talk to current students about where to go from here. Also available is peer tutoring.

To see a peer advisor or tutor, stop by Furman Hall room 406. You don't need to RSVP, just show up.

Peer Advising 

Dawson: Tuesday, Thursday and Friday 2-4pm

Nicholas: Wednesday 3-5pm, Friday 12-3pm


Peer tutoring

Jasmine: Tuesday and Thursday 9am-12pm, Friday 9am-1pm

Jocelyn: Saturday 8am-6pm

Jaylene: Thursday 2-4pm, Friday 12-5pm, Saturday 9am-12pm


*All tutors will be able to assist with the Civil Rights exam, Jasmine will tutor on Health, Jocelyn will tutor on Language Arts and Jaylene will tutor on Social Studies.


Meet our College of Education Student Ambassadors who will be advising you.

My name is Dawson Hughes and I am a second year here at OSU. I'm a Political Science and Education double major with minors in Spanish and Sociology. My goal is to be a high school social studies teacher! 
Hi, I'm Jaylene, I am a senior majoring in Political Science and Education, with a minor in History, in hopes to become a high school history teacher. I am also in the Double Degree Program, so stop by my hours if you have any questions.

My name is Jocelyn, and I'm a Senior in Liberal studies (a form of English), and Education. I'm going into secondary education as a Language Arts teacher. If you have any questions about the Double Degree program or the College of Ed, come to any one of our office hours!

I’m Nicholas, and I'm a double major in biology and education with a minor in chemistry. I chose to become a teacher because I want to support students in their lives and teach the importance of a life-long appreciation of learning. Feel free to visit during my hours and ask about the Macau study abroad program, ways to get involved, or anything else related to the College of Education!

Any questions? Stop by 104 Furman Hall, email at, or call at 541-737-4661.