Opinion: Antiracist math education adds up to better results for students

Elliott, who has a doctorate in curriculum and instruction, is associate professor of mathematics education at Oregon State University. Historically, mathematics education has been a gatekeeper, sorting the proverbial rocket scientists from the masses. But humanity faces unprecedented challenges, and mathematical literacy is crucial to solving social and scientific problems.

New College of Education dean named at Oregon State

Susan Gardner, a higher education professor at the University of Maine with a strong focus on equity and inclusion in education throughout her career, has been named dean of Oregon State University’s College of Education. She will start Feb. 28.

Yoon Ha Choi, Jana Bouwma-Gearhart & Grant Ermis Publish New Paper in International Journal of Doctoral Studies

Choi, Bouwma-Gearhart, and Ermis conducted a systematic literature of scholarship regarding the identity development of education sciences doctoral students. Identity development occurs at the intersection of student, faculty, program, disciplinary, institutional, and larger sociocultural contexts. The authors found that identity as scholar emerges as recognition by self and others of possessing and exhibiting adequate levels of competence, confidence, autonomy, and agency with respect to scholarly activities, products, and communities. 

Washington state shares little data about public schools and whether coronavirus is spreading, or not

Assistant Professor, Bach Mai Dolly Nguyen, is working on a project that aims to help integrate public health and education data. She is featured in the Seattle Times speaking to Oster's work and the need for more COVID-19 data collection in schools.

Are Ivy League and other "name brand" schools worth the higher sticker price? Mike Giamellaro, assistant professor of science and mathematics education and Roundhouse Foundation Faculty Scholar of Science Education at Oregon State University answers questions about the worth of different types of universities.

Sustainable Development of Human Capital

Book Sustainable Development of Human Capital with a chapter by Dr. Darlene Russ-Eft and doctoral student Laura Boehme has been released.

OSU-Cascades grad students, local teachers lead STEM summer camps

Funded by the Sisters-based Roundhouse Foundation, the Oregon State University-Cascades’ Masters of Arts in Teaching program is sending its graduate students, as well as teachers who graduated from OSU-Cascades, to lead free STEM-themed summer camps for middle schoolers. 

Math Lab with OSU-Cascades helps Crook County teachers

The school district and Oregon State University-Cascades are in the second year of a collaborative effort called the Math Learning Lab, in which OSU-Cascades education instructor Melinda Knapp teaches teams of elementary teachers the best methods for teaching math to young kids.

Early literacy important for ELLs “This study shows that building literacy skills, in English or the child’s native language, prior to kindergarten can be helpful,” said Karen Thompson, an assistant professor of cultural and linguistic diversity in OSU’s College of Education.

Using nature as a therapeutic partner Ryan Reese, an assistant professor of counseling at Oregon State University-Cascades, agrees that a misconception often surrounds the idea of integrating nature into therapy. “[Clinicians] don’t have to take clients out into a wilderness setting in order for it to be EcoWellness or ecotherapy,” he says. “It can be at a park or walking on a trail that’s flat.”

OSU lands $1 million grant to improve undergraduate instruction in STEM Oregon State University has been awarded a five-year, $1 million grant to improve instruction of science, technology, engineering and math, or STEM, and better meet needs of undergraduate students from diverse backgrounds.

Businesses aid STEM Club Oregon State University's College of Education and 4-H have been facilitating the After School STEM Club with the Boys & Girls Club of Corvallis twice weekly for five years at Garfield and Lincoln elementary schools.

Northeast Lakeview College Names New President Alumna Veronica Garcia of the Community College Leadership program appointed president of Northeast Lakeview College.

BLP Teachers To Benefit From OSU Grant A new grant will allow up to 80 Oregon teachers in five districts, including Bend-La Pine Schools, to receive more training in working with students who don’t speak English proficiently. The $2.5-million grant was awarded to Oregon State University’s College of Education.

Repeating algebra not usually the answer In the analysis, Karen Thompson, an assistant professor in the College of Education, also found that the math obstacle was often more pronounced in students not proficient in English.

New, fresh ideas about how a classroom looks, learns Sunddip Aguilar, an instructor at Oregon State University College of Education, said pod clusters and technology integration are transforming curriculum for the better.

Greenville native awarded prestigious fellowship His love of education was encouraged by his former principal at Duncan Chapel Elementary school, Jay Casbon, who later became his mentor at Lewis and Clark College in Portland and the Oregon State University in Bend, Oregon where Scott earned his doctorate.

Economic issues are key to predicting whether students will graduate college, study shows The socioeconomic status of the student body and the college or university’s revenue and expenditures serve as a predictors of a student’s chances of success at four-year broad access colleges and universities, said Gloria Crisp, an associate professor in OSU’s College of Education.

Assistant Professor Gilberto Lara receives NABE award Gilberto Lara wins second place in the 2017 National Association for Bilingual Education (NABE) outstanding dissertation award for his dissertation.

New grant will support OSU study of English Learners with disabilities Oregon State University has won a $400,000 grant to study how best to assist students who are English learners and also have disabilities, continuing the work of the Oregon English Learner Alliance.

Study finds change in California testing policy helped English learners in Los Angeles The researchers — Joseph Robinson-Cimpian of the University of Illinois and Karen Thompson of Oregon State — examined the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) where California’s English-language proficiency exam became more difficult in 2007, making it harder for students who were considered English learners to be “reclassified” as fluent.

OSU, 4-H partner for Boys & Girls Club After School STEM programming for Boys & Girls Club of Corvallis has been a phenomenal success at our Learning Enrichment Clubs hosted at Garfield and Lincoln elementary schools.

Study: Teachers report big differences with iPad vs. paper Rachael Schuetz is an instructor in OSU-Cascades’ teacher education program and a former teacher at Miller Elementary School. With so many districts rushing to give even the youngest students tablets or laptops to use at school and at home, she wanted to know what the devices meant for learning.

Lacking other meaningful data, university faculty devise their own teaching evaluation systems Instructors are using quantitative data about their students’ classroom performance as well as qualitative data such as student feedback from mid-term surveys or informal conversations, said Jana Bouwma-Gearhart, an associate professor of science and mathematics education at OSU and lead author of the study.

Bristol principal earns statewide leadership role Rosie O’Brien Vojtek, who has been at the helm at Ivy Drive for the past 17 years, has been named president of the non-profit Connecticut Association of Schools (CAS). She received her bachelor’s degree from Oregon State University.

Data, experts say WFISD ends bilingual services prematurely Karen Thompson, a bilingual education researcher at Oregon State University, said the longer English language learners are allowed to remain in bilingual programs, the more successful they tend to be.

Are You Culturally Competent? Responding to Kids’ Diverse Backgrounds and Experiences When kids from the after-school program at Garfield and Lincoln elementary schools in Corvallis, Oregon, walked into the nearby Osborn Aquatic Center, they had some questions.

ISTE Announces 2016 Research Paper Award Winner, Professional Learning Network Award Honorees The paper was authored by Margaret Niess, professor emeritus of mathematics, Oregon State University, Corvallis, and Henry Gillow-Wiles, professor, Southern Oregon University, Ashland.

Federal English Learners Policy Changes: Lots of Talk, Little Policy Clarity The event featured research updates from Joseph P. Robinson-Cimpian, Karen Thompson, and Rachel Slama. Each provided a window into the field’s best data on identifying, supporting, and reclassifying ELs.

President Obama Honors Outstanding Mathematics and Science Teachers College of Education alumni Maureen Foelkl and Brian Hanna were recognized by President Obama as recipients of the prestigious Presidential Award for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching.

Teachers Devise Personal Data Collection Systems Authors Jana Bouma-Gearhart and Matthew T. Hard advocated for practice-based research that studies how post-secondary educators actually apply available data.

Short on subs Karla Rockhold, academic adviser for the College of Education at Oregon State University, said a generation of students are “gun shy” about going into education.

The police teacher: Corvallis police captain combines education, law enforcement The 43-year-old graduated from OSU with a master’s degree in education before spending 14 years as a Corvallis police officer.

Professors in school counseling, physical therapy named George Fox University's top graduate research and teacher, respectively, for 2014-15 Lori DeKruyf was recipient of the Faculty Achievement Award for Graduate Research and Scholarship.

Linn Benton Community College names Ann Buchele as next Vice President of Academic Affairs & Workforce Development Ann Buchele has been named as the next vice president of Academic Affairs and Workforce Development at Linn-Benton Community College....

Math is No. 1 academic obstacle for Oregon Students- Dean Larry Flick talks about the struggle to improve math learning and overcoming the traditional rigid model of teaching math.  

Sea Turtles Test Urban Waters In Southern California 'Jacuzzi' (NPR)- Cassandra Davis, with the Aquarium of the Pacific and M.S. candidate in Science Education with a concentration in Free-choice Learning, has been training about 30 volunteers to help with a citizen science project to log the number and size of turtles seen in the San Gabriel River in Long Beach.  Her group has been carrying out this sea turtle census for about three years, and estimates place about 30 and 100 turtles in area.

STEM taking hold in Culver Schools (The Bulletin)- The 700-student Culver school district is less than two years into an experiment in problem-based, hands-on learning with an emphasis on STEM, for science, technology, engineering and math. The district is partnered with researchers from the College of Education at OSU-Cascades to design and track Culver’s success as a model for small districts looking to embrace STEM.

MOOCs support English learners and their teachers (Stanford)- This past fall, Stanford University and OSU's College of Education partnered to provide educators an opportunity to connect online with thousands of colleagues across Oregon and other states.  This 'MOOC' (massive open online course) had an aim to help all K-12 instructors assist their students in mastering the complex language and reasoning skills required by new standards.

World peace, courtesy of Hoover Elementary fifth-graders (Gazette Times)- Matthew Criscione’s fifth-grade class at Hoover Elementary School has been learning about political science by playing a game that challenges students to solve realistic world crises.  The game promotes cooperative solutions from the perspective of fictional countries, and has been developed by the family of College of Education instructor Terry Adams.

Being a role model in Albany classroom OSU College of Education graduate Apolo Curiel is a role model for his students.

Winston Cornwall, Oregon Civil Rights Specialist With a name more fitting for an old-world military general than a professor whose focus lies on civil rights, Winston Cornwall teaches only one class at Oregon State University: Civil Rights and Multicultural Issues in Education.

Michael Giamellaro receives the Fred Fox Distinguished Service to Science Education Award This award will be presented during the annual Oregon Science Teachers Association conference at the Awards banquet. 

Going wild (Counseling Today)Counseling Ph.D. candidates Sean Roberts and Sabrina Marie Hadeed discuss the benefits of wilderness therapy through their experience with Second Nature Cascades in Central Oregon.  Wilderness therapy is a unique treatment model that brings clients to natural settings for intensive therapy with a counselor (or other mental health professional) and peer group.

OSU’s Ray joins other education leaders on initiative (OSU News)- Oregon State University President Edward J. Ray is joining President Barack Obama and hundreds of higher education leaders at the White House today to announce new actions to help more students prepare for college and to graduate.  Through OSU’s College of Education and local school district counselors, partners are working to increase the number of high school students in the region attending college and achieving success.

Girls Daring Greatly (Counseling Today)- Sabrina Marie Hadeed provides perspective for the perceived vulnerability that girls have in the wilderness, identifying that it has more to do with courage and resilience.  Sabrina is a primary therapist at Second Nature Cascades and a doctoral candidate with Oregon State University's Counselor Education program.

Being and Becoming Professionally Other: Identities, Voices, and Experiences of U.S. Trans* Academics A path-clearing book that provides a rich, in-depth account of the lived experiences of 39 transgender or trans* academics. 

Managing Applied Social Research: Tools, Strategies, and Insights Professor and Discipline Liason for Adult and Higher Education at Oregon State University Darlene Russ-Eft is the author of a new book on essential management guidance for real-world applied research projects.

OSU College of Education receives 7 year accreditation CAEP decided to continue the NCATE accreditation of the College of Education at Oregon State University at the initial teacher preparation and advanced preparation levels.

OSU awarded Phi Beta Kappa chapter Two of the College of Education faculty are members of the Phi Beta Kappa Society, Darlene Russ-Eft, Discipline Liaison & Professor, Adult Education & Higher Education Leadership, and Karen Thompson, Assistant Professor of Cultural and Linguistic Diversity.