Preliminary Teaching License

Following completion of an OSU licensure program:
  • Complete Licensure Request form in TaskStream
  • Submit $100 check (payable to OSU) to the College of Education
  • Send official transcripts to TSPC
  • If your fingerprints are not current, submit fingerprint packet and $55 check to TSPC
Adding Endorsements:

OSU offers an ESOL endorsement program (online or on campus).  For subject area endorsements, you may work directly with your district and TSPC to add an endorsement.

Initial Counseling License

Licensure in Other States

  • Obtain program completion form from the state for which you are wanting licensure and complete top portion of form.
  • Submit form to Summer Lowery at or to the address provided below, along with a $25 check (payable to OSU).
  • Send to: OSU College of Education – 104 Furman Hall / Attn: Licensure / 200 SW 15th Street / Corvallis, OR  97331

Licensure Inquiries

Please complete the Licensure Inquiry form if you obtained initial licensure through OSU and have a licensure inquiry or request.


Summer Lowery, Licensure and Placement Specialist
104E Furman Hall