Student teacher

The Office of Licensure & Field Services provides licensure, field placement, and accreditation services for all licensure programs in the College of Education.  Licensure programs are those accredited programs that prepare K-12 school personnel including teachers and school counselors. 

Employers: To advertise an employment opportunity, please visit OSU's Career Development Center's online career management system, Beaver Careers. Here you can post job openings, view students' resumes, create recruiting events, and connect with students and alumni. 

For more information about licensure and field placement, our expectations of cooperating teachers, and licensure protocols please contact:
Missy Kloos, Licensure and Placement Specialist
104 E Furman Hall
For more information about our programs on the Cascades Campus, please contact:
Donna Harris, Licensure
Teacher & Counselor Education
For more information on university supervisors, accreditation, and field supervision, please contact:

Nell O’Malley, Director, Education Licensure
104D Furman Hall