Language, Equity, and Educational Policy (LEEP)

The Language, Equity and Educational Policy (LEEP) PhD is a research-oriented degree intended for students interested in becoming educational researchers. The LEEP option prepares candidates to assume various positions in post-secondary education, leadership in community education, faculty positions in colleges or universities or teacher education programs.  Working with faculty advisors, candidates create and implement a program of study that provides comprehensive knowledge of research with bi/multilingual communities, equity in education contexts, and educational policies.

Research and Interest in the Language, Equity, and Education Policy Option

  • K-12 education and policy, especially related to bilingual learners in the United States
  • In and out of school learning in Spanish/English bilingual contexts
  • Teacher education in ESOL/bilingual and literacy education
  • Education foundations in social justice and critical pedagogies


Option Requirements:  The LEEP option is a minimum of 108 credits which include: a core curriculum in quantitative and qualitative research, courses in the option, a practicum and a dissertation. Additional research methods and elective courses as approved by the major professor (faculty advisor) and doctoral committee.  

Applicant requirements: 3.0 GPA or better. Master’s degree or equivalent is highly recommended. In addition, applicants must have significant experience in an education or education-related setting such as teaching, community education, university teaching, leadership administration, curriculum specialist or in a setting where the primary function is education. Applicants should have a background in at least one of the areas of “Research and Interest” found above. 

This option follows a cohort model. Applications only accepted for fall term. 

Please begin your application early. It is a multiple step process.



The College offers graduate assistantships, scholarships and fellowships for students admitted to the PhD program. Funding is limited and awarded on a competitive basis. Students seeking a graduate assistantship or fellowship must apply to the program by December 1st. 

College of Education scholarships and fellowships

Graduate School Awards

Financial Aid and Scholarships

Outside scholarships for Latino/Hispanic students

For more information:

Dr. Carol McKiel,, 541-737-1546