AHE Discipline Mission

The Adult and Higher Education discipline area guides students in becoming socially just leaders and change agents in a variety of educational contexts.


AHE Discipline Vision

The Adult and Higher Education discipline area endeavors to prepare educators and educational leaders committed to social justice in nationally-recognized doctoral and master’s programs.


EdD Learning Outcomes

(beginning fall 2021)

Research Domain: Program learning outcomes

  • Apply evaluation skills to assess efficacy and effectiveness of solutions for problems of practice 
  • Identify inequities in problems of practice 
  • Recognize structural conditions that serve to maintain/reproduce systemic inequities in higher education 

Leadership Domain: Program learning outcomes

  • Articulate strategies to effectively lead higher education institutions
  • Identify leadership practices that can make institutions more inclusive and equitable 

Content Expertise Domain: Program learning outcomes

  • Describe how institutions are governed and policies guiding the operation of institutions


AHE EdD and PhD Learning Outcomes

(Students admitted in 2020 and prior)

  • produce an original significant contribution to knowledge in higher education
  • demonstrate mastery of subject material in higher education
  • conduct scholarly activities in an ethical manner

PhD learning outcomes will be updated pending approval of curriculum changes 


Graduate Learning Outcomes

  • Conduct research or produce some other form of creative work
  • Demonstrate mastery of the subject material
  • Conduct scholarly or professional activities in an ethical manner


For more information or program questions, contact:

Lindsay Andrews
Adult & Higher Education Program Lead
[email protected] 
(541) 737-3574