A Doctorate in Adult and Higher Education with an option in Leadership in Higher Education (LHE) prepares administrators for leadership roles in four-year, master's, and doctoral granting institutions. The focus is on the application of quality research to the problems and opportunities in four-year institutions.

You will critically analyze the latest research from a variety of perspectives and learn how to engage in data-driven decision making and use principles of good practice to meet the changing needs of four-year higher education institutions.


Program Format

The program is designed for adults who work full-time and study with us on a part-time basis. Students enroll as members of a cohort with the goal of participating in an active learning community. The program is hybrid, with face-to-face sessions occurring twice a term at the Portland Center of OSU. Students are engaged in online learning during the other weeks of the term. All summer classes are completely online. Face-to-face class sessions are held Thursday afternoon, all day Friday, and Saturday morning. Instructional methods include group and individual projects, scholarly discussion, and professional internships. Every student receives guidance from our nationally-recognized faculty.


Prerequisite Experience

Applicants need a minimum of three years of full-time professional experience in a four-year higher education organization (college or university) or a professional field related to teaching, learning and/or leadership.


Topics of Study

  • Leadership
  • Research
  • Ethics



Lindsay Andrews
Adult & Higher Education Program Lead
(541) 737-3574