All Scholarships & Fellowships referred to on this page are awarded and administered by the College of Education for College of Education students who have completed a program application and will be admitted by fall term.

Available Scholarships

Scholarship and Fellowship Information:
  • The application includes a short questionnaire, a statement of professional goals, and a one-page resume.
Eligibility to Receive a Scholarship or Fellowship:
  • 3.0 Grade Point Average
  •  Scholarship eligibility is based on student's full or part-time enrollment in one of the following programs, based on each program's credit requirements per term. 

    • Education Double Degree (Must be in application phase of the Professional Level/Student Teaching Cohort)
    • Any Master’s program within the College of Education or program within a cognate college licensure program (Music Education, Agricultural Education, Physical Education Teacher Education). (Must be an enrolled student or in the application phase)
    • Any Doctoral program within the College of Education (Must be an enrolled student or in the application phase)
Causes for Disqualification Include:
  • Late or incomplete application
  • Failure to provide acceptance of the scholarship/s by the deadline in the letter of notification
  • Falsified information
  • Termination of enrollment or not being accepted to a College of Education program or Oregon State University licensure program
Notification of Outcome:

Applicants will be notified of the outcome of their applications by mail to their local mailing address provided on this application.  The applicant is responsible for reporting any address changes by contacting Carma Ganta Scholarships will be awarded at the Annual College of Education Scholarship Reception on Thursday, April 19, 2018.

Other Sources for Financial Assistance Include: