Participating in a practicum course that is not student teaching (e.g., ED 309)

Complete a Criminal History Verification (CHV)

All students wishing to participate in a practicum course that is NOT student teaching (e.g., ED 309) must complete the Oregon Department of Education background check – Known as the Criminal History Verification (CHV).

  • Students must complete and submit their CHV form before they are given an override to register for a practicum.
  • CHV forms can be picked up at and submitted to the Student Services Office in 104 Furman Hall.
  • Students must submit five dollars ($5), via cash or check, along with their CHV form. Forms without payment will not be accepted.
  • Check with the Student Services Office for CHV submission deadlines.

CHV form processing

Once received, CHV forms are sent to the Oregon Department of Education, with enough time for the College of Education to receive clearances before a practicum begins. Once cleared, CHV forms are valid for a period of one year. Any student who has not cleared does not proceed with the practicum.

The safety of children is always our highest priority and we are vigilant in assuring that the appropriate clearance has been given for each OSU student we place in a K-12 setting. Any OSU student who has not enrolled in a practicum course will not have complete the CHV clearance, and we recommend school districts treat them as they would any other community volunteer. If you would like to request the clearance status of a particular individual, please contact the Student Services Office at 541-737-4661.